Telugu Translation Is The Key To Unlocking Business Growth

In today’s digital age, people across the world are interacting with each other more than before. As businesses are transforming globally, communication has become the need of the hour today. Making the information available to the customers in their language has gained importance these days. In this scenario, language translation services come into the picture.

Among all the languages, Telugu is the fourth most spoken language in India. Therefore, to tap the Andhra and Telangana market, opting for Telugu translation services will be of great benefit to your business.

Fascinating Facts About The Telugu Language

  1. The Telugu language is called the ‘Italian of the East’.
  2. It is the 15th most spoken language in the world.
  3. Telugu has 75 million native speakers in India.
  4. Inscriptions in Telugu date back to 400 BC.
  5. It is the official language of the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.
  6. It was declared as one of the ‘classical languages’ of India.

Speaking the Telugu Language activates about 72,000 neurons in your body, highest for any Language in the world proven by Science.

Why Are Telugu Translation Services Important For Your Business?

1. Reaching the Customers

Customers these days feel more comfortable browsing in their own language. While searching for information in their native language, if they are least likely to find your website, then understand that you are missing out on something big.

With the help of translations, you can turn such hurdles into opportunities.

2. Increase In Goodwill

Businesses these days spend a lot of money on charitable events, and PR to keep up with their positive image in the society. Goodwill, of course, is essential to attract customers.

When the customers see that you have put in extra effort to localize your business for their convenience, it builds loyalty.

3. Control

In this digital age, everyone can access your business from anywhere in the world.

Not translating your business content in different languages can affect the online reputation of your business. At times, you may not know how your product is presented by a local distributor or Google translate. Translations can help your business to overcome such obstacles.

4. Customer Support

When customers look for support on your website, tools like FAQs, manuals, etc. can help them solve their problems.

If they fail to understand English, then that can lead to abandonment by many customers. Therefore, translated content can help you build customer loyalty and trust towards your business.

5. Employee Motivation

Many of your employees may not be speaking English as their first language. Translating tools like handbooks, manuals, guides, etc. can help them understand the instructions in a better manner.

This will motivate them to work hard and ultimately increase the productivity of your business.

Overview Of Telugu Translation Services

Website Translation & Localization Document Translation Certificate Translation Audio Translation Video Translation Technical Translation Legal Translation Content Writing

Professional Telugu Translation Service Provider

Investing the time in a language partner who understands your target customer’s cultural nuances, and who can demonstrate native-level fluency is one of the most important factors that will allow your business to thrive in any new markets.

No matter the size of your business, Bhasha Bharati Arts have your language needs covered.

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