How to Refurbished Your Old Blog Posts

It is true that regular blogging is important for any website. However, coming up with new and valuable topics to post about every day or even every week can be time-consuming and difficult.

In fact, 60% of marketers say that producing engaging content is their biggest challenge.

One way to simplify the process of consistent blog content creation is to republish old posts into new formats. This means that you do not need to re-invent the wheel! So rather than writing new content every day, make use of your old posts by updating, strengthening and re-purposing them.

Though the specific re-purposing techniques below still require some effort on your part, they are not nearly as time-consuming as researching and drafting new articles based on new topics.

In addition to saving you time, by cleaning up old blog posts on your website, you increase your organic traffic even more. You will have a greater chance of older blog posts ranking better than brand new posts (when using the same URL).

Here are some ways to repurpose your old blog content:

1. Update or expand old posts – technology moves pretty fast, with websites, services, and products disappearing as fast as new ones emerge to replace them. Revisiting your evergreen posts every year will not only keep them on the cutting-edge but will help to boost organic traffic. Here are some ways to update your old post according to one of the best digital marketing agency in Dubai:

  • Fix incorrect or outdated information
  • Add images/graphs/videos
  • Refresh examples
  • Include current statistics and facts
  • Mention influencers
  • Add a content upgrade
  • Write a CTA
  • Link to one or two other posts in your blog

2. Record a video version of your blog – Video is quickly becoming one of the most popular online medium for consuming content. According to Google: 67% of millennials agree that they can find a video on YouTube about anything they want to learn.

3. Turn posts into email newsletter – Consider re-purposing your old blog into new content for your newsletter. If you think people do not read emails, you are wrong. What your fans and potential customers are not interested in is a lot of promotional emails from a business. But they will surely be interested in is receiving something of value, whether that teaches them something new, entertains them, or helps them in some way. A lot of SEO packages in Dubai includes email newsletter blasts to clients.

4. Convert it to an infographic – Almost anything can be converted to an infographic, but it does work best with a statistic- and data-heavy articles. Keep in mind that this format is visual, so ask yourself if the information can be conveyed with images, numbers or other statistics, and short text.

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