How to Choose The Right Images That Will Make Content Engagement Skyrocket?

Visuals have a massive impact on viewers’ engagement. There is ample research proving that content with related images acquires 6.5x higher views than content without. Content with appropriate pictures gets 94% more views than content without images. Images can have a fascinating effect and shape our thinking.

Images converse the words we never thought we could say. It is proven that users are 40 times more likely to share visual content on social media than content with no visual support.

Yes, you heard that right. That’s the pull of visual imagery that follows a well written article content

Where to Find Right Images?

Locating the accurate image for article, blog, webpage, or slide presentation requires a little effort, but it’s worth the outcome. Depending on your budget here are some places to look for the perfect image for content writing.

1) Personnel

You can use your personal photos with family or office colleagues. Always keep in mind that other family members and colleagues are perfectly fine with this world famous disclosure.

2) Bought

One can also buy stock photos which are accessible from several different sources like Shutterstock

3) Free

There are enormous free pictures available on the internet. You can use Flickr for high-quality free photos. You can also use free tools like Canva to create your own images for free or cheap.

It does not matter which source you use to find images but always pay attention to the usage rights, and incorporates any requisite attribution to defend yourself from prospective legal problem down the line.

Tips to Choose the Right Images

Now, you have an idea about from where you can source images for your marketing campaign. Let’s have a look at some tips to select the perfect image to accompany your marketing.

1) Always Keep Your Brand in Mind

Never select any image just because it is funny, cool, or unusual. When it comes to imagery, it is important to choose images that fit with your brand’s style, mood, and voice. Huckberry is a perfect exemplar of a brand that without fail picks images that matches its voice.

2) Look for an Emotional Connection

When it comes to selecting an image, your focal point should be on conveying the right feeling by establishing an emotional connection. Search for an image that sensitively links both with you and the reader. Images that scream “safety”, “faith” or “self-assurance” are very effective in earning the viewer’s trust. HSBC is a perfect example of choosing kind of images that evoke emotions.

3) Consider the Conceptual

Ingenious conceptual photos have eternal popularity and demand. A well-executed conceptual image can convey a visual punch and drive phenomenal traction for a number of messages.

4) Use Appropriate Name of Images with SEO in Mind

The images you employ in your content writing will be indexed in Google Images, just like the content. So use proper keywords to name images which make sense, can facilitate in boosting your ranking and drive leads to your website.

5) Color coordinates your visuals

Picking images that are similar in tone, color or shooting style creates a stronger and specialized brand. If you spotlight on being steady, your target audience will easily identify your content and be able to rapidly recognize your sole touch.

Signing Off

Images bring life to your SEO content whether it’s a blog post, brochure or website. The right illustration choice can make or break your brand when it comes to reaching goals with your content. So keep the above-discussed tips in mind while selecting pics and boost your rankings and ROI through the right images.

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