Composition Writing Doesn’t Have To Be Hard Read These 8 Tips

At beginning Brainstorm, all the main ideas before you start writing and start to organize a draft of those ideas and revise your essay into a polish way. Some Step that you can take like.

Pay close attention

It’s important for you to understand what your teacher is expecting from your composition in both topic and style. If you are unsure about it then don’t hesitate to ask. To understand these thing you need to keep it in mind:

  • The purpose behind the topic.
  • The topic of the composition.
  • What is the perfect tone or voice for the Composition?
  • Is research is required?

Divide Your Plan

Dividing your writing into stages that make your assignment more manageable and help you to control your time effectively. Plan to spend about 1/3 of your time in the 3 individual parts of:

  • Pre-writing: Gathering your thoughts and planning the composition.
  • Writing: Activate your writing while preparing the composition.
  • Edit: Review your paper, add sentences, eliminate unnecessary parts.

Try Free-writing

When you start writing the composition Try to figure out the best way to approach the topic. Do some free writing. Because no one has to see it. Hence feel free to explore your thoughts and idea about a given topic and see where it goes.

Use a Cluster Exercise

For free writing, a web diagram is good to create. It helps you to go from general to specific which is an essential part of any composition. Start with a blank page or a chalkboard to create the outline diagram.

On the blank page, Keep the topic in the center of the paper and draw a circle around it. Write the phrase on the paper and create a circle around it.

After doing that write more specific ideas around your key ideas. With this Cluster, exercises help you to get your main idea.

Start with Interesting Ideas

When you’re writing on the paper, try to horn in on what you think is the most interesting. Begin with free writing outlining about that part, and built step outwards to manage your idea for the rest of your paper.

Don’t worry about the polished thesis that coming up because it can come later in the process.

Draw Outline to organize your thoughts

Once you have done with your main ideas, concept, and topics. Then You may consider organizing all these things informal outline to get started with the actual draft.

However, you can use the complete sentences in your composition to make your assignment more interesting.

Include the Thesis Statement

Using a thesis will guide your entire composition. It’s one of the most important parts of writing a good composition. Generally, the thesis provides the datable point which you want to explain through your composition.

Also, your thesis needs to be specific like the Juliet and Romeo play. Which is about making the bad choices and give your composition. After doing that, preview the points that you will make in your Thesis.

Finishing Touch with Proof Read

Don’t worry about the punctuation errors of your composition until you’re almost ready to turn the draft in. The mistake of punctuation called the late concern. It means that you should worry about them when the important part of your composition thesis, Key Points and the organization of the composition of your argument are ready.

Key Tips:

  • You can add some more circle according to your concept.
  • Use online software like open source which helps you in the pre-writing process.
  • Note that you don’t have the time limit. Thus, keep your idea run free without time limitation.
  • Run your imagination Wild. Write point and expand two line on each point.

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