Wonderful Hotels in Katra For Pilgrims Visiting Vaishno Devi

Katra is a very important place for devotees. Every year, lakhs and lakhs of pilgrims come to this city. They stay here and they eat here, and the reason for that is that the trek to the sacred shrine of Goddess VaishnoDevi begins at this place. For this reason, the pilgrims find places to reside in Katra only. There are several great hotels in Katra that offer great care, but, there is none like The White Hotels. It is one of the best Vaishno Devi Hotels in Katra, one that offers fabulous service to the people.

The best thing about The White Hotels is that it provides all the amenities that one can want. There are pick-up and drop-off services which are available, there is money-exchange service also. Apart from this, the hotel has all the modern amenities like swimming pool, gym, spa and much more. All this ensures that the people have a wonderful stay here, and they encounter no problem at all. There are even 200 wonderful rooms to choose from where you can stay with your family and feel right at home. Even the staff works hard to ensure that.

The main thing, which makes everyone feel at home at The White Hotels is the restaurant. ‘Moksh’ is a 100% pure vegetarian restaurant located inside The White Hotels, which serves the choicest North Indian cuisine and wonderful vegetarian dishes from across the world. The top-class chefs and the use of fresh ingredients ensure that the food is of great quality, and you feel right at home while dining here. The restaurant is a major factor in making The White Hotels one of the best Vaishno Devi Hotels in Katra, one that you have to stay in with your family.

There is even an option available when you are feeling slightly hungry and wants to eat snacks, even in the middle of the night. There is a cafe inside the hotel which is open twenty-four hours and serves delicious snacks and great tea and coffee. This, coupled with all the great facilities that the hotel provides, along with the choice of rooms and the service by the staff, make your stay here relaxing. Our staff work hard to pamper you and make you feel as comfortable as possible. It is truly a satisfying experience to stay here, at The White Hotels.

The great thing about the hotel is that there are a huge variety of rooms available, so one can book a room according to one’s requirement. Such a flexibility is more relaxing of a feeling. The hotel also makes arrangements for the trek if one requires so. The customer service that is provided here, is truly fabulous. So come, and visit one of the best Vaishno Devi Hotels in Katra and enjoy a stay like no other. From fabulous food to wonderful facilities, there is everything. You and your family will never miss anything while staying here.

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