Why Rio is Best Location to Visit in February

The month of February is one of the precious moments for every Peruvian. Because, the entire Brazil seems to be in the mood of fun, merry making and enjoying.

With plenty of samba traditional dancers coming from different parts of South American Samba dance schools, this is the best time for every tourists to land in a place like Rio to visit the carnival in this February. The uniqueness of this festival is the dance performances which are mostly accompanied with the traditional guitars, songs, and other musical instruments all narrating a short folk story in a dance performance.

Most of the European tourists are attracted in Rio de Janeiro at this time of the year because this carnival is the only time when people live to the fullest. However you can’t avoid the religious reason behind the celebration of this festival because, this festival is celebrated in glorification of the Brazilian ancient gods and goddesses.

Major attractions in the carnival

Though traditionally these are known as masquerade performances which were familiar with the authentic Italian tradition, but in Brazil the tradition maintained in this carnival is much influenced from African and Portuguese culture.

Amazing dress code of the performers

The samba costumes selected in this festival are carefully chosen with the musical rhythms used in the performance. Most of these fancy costumes that the artists wear in this performance are made of elements like feathers, grass and bones.

Exotic street parties

Most of the street parties celebrated in Rio are completely characterised by loud music. The nights are completely loud and wild. The samba groups usually come across altogether in a different outfits. The gay presence and wild spirit you find in this festival will definitely compel you to think that it is one of the best places to visit in February.

Samba competition

Every year the samba schools prepare themselves with one dream in their mind, i.e. to win the title of the samba championship. In this championship the schools showcases some of their extraordinary samba performances to show their mastery upon samba dances. Each of the dancers are expert flexible and real fast with their moves. They dance as if they don’t feel a single bone left in their body. Outstanding twists, hip movements including waists etc. whatever they present you feel like each schools are like show stopper in the entire performance presented in this festival.

The Rio Carnival is your best tourist place to visit in February if it is ‘Samba dance’ in your mind.

How to enjoy the carnival being a tourist

If this is the first time you are visiting Rio de Janeiro make sure that you are going for an early booking. Unless you are booking your ticket at the earliest I fear you might not avail a suitable place to grab your seat and enjoy the show.

If you want to be a part of any of the samba parade you might ask their favour for including you in the parade. Most of the schools allow normal people to be a part of their parade who hold fervours for becoming a part of the Samba Parade.

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