Which Destination Management Company Should You Choose and Why?

If you want to organise an impressive and well thought-out event, you need to find a destination management company that you can trust and rely on. Fortunately, there is one in Poland that fits the description perfectly – Warsaw, Cracow or maybe Tricity? Creative Poland is there for you and it is ready to provide you with the highest quality experience on-site that you can possibly imagine.

Want to visit Poland? DMC that would make your stay unforgettable is Creative Poland

Creative Poland provides organization of corporate events, incentives & team-building, conferences, venue finding and communication design. If you want to make sure that everything will go well and according to the plan, choose Creative Poland .

DMC Warsaw – visit the capital of Poland, a cultural mix of modernity and history

If you want to base your events in the heart of Europe, there is arguably no better place than Warsaw. Most foreign companies have their offices here, so in terms of business aspects Warsaw is the economical hub of this Central European country. But let us leave this subject for a moment, so we can concentrate on Warsaw’s cultural and touristic advantages.

· First of all – UNESCO Heritage Site listed Old Town,

· On the eastern side of Vistula river we can find one of the most beautiful city beaches in Europe. On the other hand, on the western side, there are newly built boulevards with lots of restaurants offering many types of cuisines,

· National Museum in Warsaw, The Warsaw Uprising Museum, The Polish Army Museum, The Wilanow Palac Museum with an amazing King’s Garden, and many more.

Commmuting is also a huge advantage. The city centre is located around 20 minutes transfer time from the Warsaw Chopin Airport and all key venues and hotels are all located within 30 minute transfer distance from each other. As a Warsaw DMC we recommend it for conferences, congresses and incentives.

DMC Cracow – visit the cultural cradle of Poland, home of kings, city full of mysteries, safeguarded by the mythical Wawel Dragon!

Nowadays Cracow is a real mecca for every artistic soul in Poland. Peculiar atmosphere of this place is somehow very easy and very hard to grasp at the same moment. Maybe this is the reason why Cracow is the most visited city in Poland. People are beckoned by the tombs under Krakow castle; place where Polish kings and leaders were buried. Or maybe it is because of the mythical Wawel Dragon? As the story says, he is somewhere in the caves just nearby. But let us stick to the facts:

· Ancient Old Town and the biggest market square in Europe,

· Jewish district Kazimierz with many well-preserved synagogues,

· UNESCO listed Wieliczka salt mine just outside of the city,

· Wawel Royal Castle.

Cracow John Paul II International Airport is located 11 km (7 mi) west of the city. It may appear as a disadvantage, but the direct trains cover this route in around 20 minutes. Also, you can travel from and to most Polish cities from Cracow’s train stations. As a Cracow DMC we greatly recommend this mesmerising city.

DMC Tricity – Polish gates to the sea and one of the most quaint aglomerations in Poland

Tricity is an aglomeration that contains Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot. Let us describe them one by one.

DMC Gdansk

Architectural style of Gdansk is not homogenous, although the surroundings of Long Street and Long Market were reconstructed so they would resemble the times of the Hanseatic League. Mentioned areas are the main points in every tourist schedule. The city has a number of historical churches, i.e. St. Mary’s Church, which is the largest brick church in the world. In Gdansk we can also find an antique crane – it may appear familiar to those who played The Witcher 3. The easiest and the most efficient way to get here is simply by plane. Lech Walesa Airport located in Gdansk awaits!

DMC Gdynia

Second on the list, Gdynia hosts the main Polish film festival called simply Gdynia Film Festival. Since 2003 it has also been hosting the Open’er Festival, which is one of the biggest modern music festivals in Europe.

DMC Sopot

City famous for its pier. The Sopot Pier is the longest wooden pier in Europe. You may think that this is a pretty useless feature, but do not be misguided! The concentration of iodine on land is two times lower than at the tip of the pier. And the view – of course it is breathtaking!

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