What Do You Need To Know Before Traveling To Dubai

Are you planning to travel to Dubai on a vacation? Before you make your bookings, you would also need to consider your communication needs. Plan your flight tickets, check out the accommodation and the various sightseeing and shopping spots, but also do your research on whether you should be using an international sim card or a local sim for keeping in touch. It is best that you buy a Dubai sim card in India before your journey. Read on for more on why it is a great choice.

Say no to international roaming on your mobile carrier

If you are heading to Dubai and depend on your mobile data and international roaming, you will end up spending way too much. You may have to rethink your budget on other things like food and shop-ping. Dubai is full of so many shopping opportunities, from the malls to the souqs, and why would you want to curb yourself from buying the best! You can save a lot of money by buying an interna-tional sim card from the comfort of your home in India. The plans, including voice and data, are rea-sonable and convenient. Incoming calls are free, and you can send out an unlimited number of SMSes. You will also get data at excellent 4G speeds, so why would you risk it with your mobile roaming!

All you need to do is pick a plan that fits in with your schedule, upload a few documents, and make your payment. In no time, the card will land at your doorstep.

Steer clear of anxiety and keep in touch with family!

Buying a Dubai sim card in India also means you don’t have to land and start scrambling for a local sim. You don’t want to waste time, money and energy on comparing deals. If you buy a sim before-hand, you can activate it on the day of your journey. You can keep in touch with family and friends back home from the word go!

The hotels you stay in Dubai will have WiFi, but costs could be huge. Also, many public spaces have WiFi, but they may be patchy and non-secure considering the vast number of people trying to access the same. It is easier to rely on the sim card data rather than the WiFi there. You can always top up your Dubai sim card via round-the-clock customer care.

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