Top 5 Must Do Things in Miami During Extended Stay

Florida has many amazing tourist attractions and Miami is one of those most loved tourist destinations. Miami is famous among beach lovers because of its picturesque beaches. Along with the beautiful beaches, there are so many things tourists can do during an extended stay. If you are planning an extended stay trip in Miami, make sure you don’t miss any of these top 5 must do things.

Soak the Sun At South Beach

Miami is renowned for its beaches and that’s why the south beach is at the top of the list of must do things during an extended stay in Miami. The south area of Miami is famous for its beaches and often stays lively with local and worldwide visitors. If you are missing going to the South Miami Beach, dipping your feet in the sea and soaking up the sun, you are seriously missing the heart of Miami. The South Miami is also renowned for its Art Deco buildings.

Go for water sports

Miami is a paradise for water sports lovers. There are so many water sports activities available for each category of water lovers. You can take some beginners lesson of sailing in Miami if you don’t know how to sail or you can go for adventure water-sports such as windsurfing and underwater diving. There are also some group water activities such as fishing, kayaking, canoeing, sail-fishing, paddle-boarding and more. There are many professional organizations that take you for the water ride. You must go for more than one water sports to make your extended stay Miami memorable and fun.

Cruise Drive

Miami is the best place to go for a cruise drive. The cruise floating and passing by the iconic beaches of Miami will take you to the water heaven. You can see the different skyline, Deco buildings and amazing views of this beautiful city. There are many cruise lines, including, organic cruises that take visitors for a short or a long cruise drive. I recommend going for a long cruise ride to see the different moods of this city and the ocean

Taste local cuisine

Miami is paradise not only for water lovers but also for food lovers. It has delicious and mouth smacking food items. In fact, it has something to offer to all. There are more than 25 iconic Miami dishes that you would love to try. If you love seafood, you must try Fish Sandwich, cafe con leche and grilled bread, Ceviche, Croquetas, and list of mouthwatering seafood go on.

Staying at Long Stay Hotels

Miami has world’s best long stay hotels that are also known as extended stay hotels and weekly hotels. The extended stay hotel in Miami offers the best standard of living at pocket-friendly rates. Also, it has a wide range of amenities to offer to its guests such as in-room kitchenette, complimentary breakfast, kids’ zone, gaming center, high-speed internet and more. Staying in one of the weekly hotels in Miami is a must do experience during your extended stay.

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