Sri Lanka A Brief Guide To Online ETA Application

Just like many other countries, Sri Lanka also promotes tourism and welcomes tourists from all parts of the world. But as the security is the major concern, the country allows visitors who seek to pay a visit for sightseeing, conference, meetings, academic programs and medical treatments but with some caution. To reduce the fraudulent activities by the tourists, the country imposes a ‘levy’ on most tourists even for the trips with short duration.

If the country has been a fascination for you and is on your travel bucket list then travelling to the ‘pearl of Indian Ocean’ has become easier but more secured with ETA. Electronic Travel Authorization has now completely made the process of visa application less complexed and hassle-free. Anyone who has a valid passport can apply for online Sri Lanka visa easily.

By either visiting the website of government of Sri Lanka or any other legitimate websites, you can simply fill the Sri Lanka Visa Application Form with personal details. The personal details must consist of name, age, address, nationality, passport number, and hotel and flight information. You may also require uploading few documents and your photograph with specific measurements.

After you complete the Sri Lanka Visa Application Form, all you have to do is hit the submit button after paying the visa fee. As the application process gets completed, you will receive a reference number that you must note down. This reference number can help you track you visa status online. You will receive your ETA via electronic mail, provided in the application form.

What are the requirements before applying for Sri Lanka ETA?

But before you apply for online Sri Lankan ETA, there are few requirements that are mentioned below which you must fulfill:

  1. You must have a passport with six months of validity from your date of departure from the Sri Lanka.
  2. Your complete detailed itinerary which must contain your hotel accommodation, flight tickets (confirmed return ticket).
  3. Your bank account must contain sufficient funds.
  4. Although you can apply for online Sri Lankan ETA up to 6 months to few hours from the date of travel, it is strongly recommended that you must apply before a month in advance.

Once you get a confirmation, you are all set to travel to this amazing country which offers unexpected sites with breath-taking views. A wonderful destination which is perfect for snorkeling, scuba-diving, underwater sea-walk and meditation and yoga will give you hundreds of memorable moments and memories to cherish for the rest of your life.

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