Scuba Diving In India- Embark On An Exciting Underwater Adventure!

The vivid hues of nature never cease to amaze and beckon us to travel far and wide to experience its myriad facets in all their glory. The underwater world is one such paradise that leaves one spellbound by the sheer variety of magnificent & colorful marine life that populates the coral reefs. Scuba diving in India gives you the chance to explore this wonderland. With an enviable coastline and pristine islands, India offers innumerable spots for an unforgettable diving experience under expert guidance. Here is a low-down on the top scuba diving places in India that will take your breath away. Have a look on such amazing places in India where you can do the scuba diving.

1. Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Offering a slice of paradise, these pristine islands are studded with postcard-perfect beaches, swaying palms and a treasure trove of marine line off their coast. While Havelock offers an amazing range of diving spots like The Wall, both Neil Island and Cinque Island are also divine sites for exploring the underwater treasures of Bay of Bengal. With clownfish, parrotfish, manta rays, turtles and many more varieties, Andaman is considered as one of the best places for scuba diving in India.

2. Lakshadweep Islands

Pristine nature and untouched heavenly beaches are the biggest allure of Lakshadweep islands along with the unmatched marine life at coral islands like Kadmat and Bangaram. From barracudas & turtles to live corals, Lakshadweep’s spectacular diving spots allow you to witness an amazing range of exotic marine life forms in their natural habitat. Princess Royal, Manta Point, and Lost Paradise are some of the best sites.

3. Pondicherry

The spiritual vibes and French appeal of Pondicherry are perfectly complemented by a heady dose of thrill and adventure offered by its prolific scuba diving sites. With more than 20 spots brimming with marvelous marine life, including Temple reef and Aravind’s Wall, Pondicherry allows you to experience scuba diving in India without having to travel too far. Get prepared to be awestruck by manta rays, trevallies, stonefish, snappers, and other amazing underwater stunners.

4. Goa

India’s favorite party destination and beach paradise is also a great place for unearthing the mysteries of magical marine life. The Grande Island offers superb opportunities for scuba diving with its crystal clear waters and safe diving sites populated with angelfish, stonefish, parrotfish, etc. Some of the top spots include Suzy’s Rock, Davy Jones Locker and UmmaGumma Reef.

5. Pigeon Island

Just an hour-long boat ride away from Murudeshwar in Karnataka, this is a fantastic diving spot blessed with abundant coral reefs and unlimited underwater treasures. The Trawler, Grand Central and many other scuba diving spots are home to vibrant fishes, barracudas, and turtles.

The experience of immersing deep down into the magical world of corals with vibrant fish, manta rays, eels, nudibranch, and turtles is both fascinating and awe-inspiring. With ample opportunities for scuba diving in India managed by trained professionals, you can tick this bucket list item at a range of diving spots spread across the country and its magnificent islands.

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