Savor The Bounties Of Australia And Travel With The Best Private Transfers

Planning to visit the Australian wonders? Booked your tickets already? Have you booked your vehicle for transportation as well? If not, then do that as well because pre-booking this will solve all the problems related to your transportation when you are out to enjoy your vacation. You can find a lot of options for private transfers and mini bus tours in North shore Sydney if you look up on the web. Registering for their services will help you to ease out all the stress related to searching for a vehicle to travel in the last moment and assist you in enjoying your trip to the best possible levels.

Once you are done with all your bookings, you need to chalk out a plan for the places you would want to visit during your stay. Do not miss out on the following sites as these will provide you with the marvelous experiences of your life.

Sydney Opera House

This is world heritage site marked by the UNESCO and has equal recognition when it comes to other favorite places of tourist interest like the Eiffel Tower or the Empire State Building. The Opera House is synonymous with the name of Australia and serves as a distinct identity for the country. This is a performing center that has a multiple number of venues. The structure was designed by an architect named Jørn Utzon, and this also earned him the Pritzker Prize in 2003. This awarded is considered the most prestigious one in the field of architecture.

Great Ocean Road

This is the most beautiful driveway that stretches from the south-eastern coast lying between Torquay and Warrnambool. The distance covered is more than 150 miles and are filled with attractive scenic beauties like that of the natural bounties and the exotic wildlife. You will also be able to see the spectacular attractions of the 12 Apostles, magnificent beaches, amazing rainforests and splendid waterfalls.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

This bridge is constructed as an arch bridge made from steel and spanned across the Sydney Harbour. The bridge also contains separate tracks for railways, vehicles, cycles, and pedestrians traveling to and from the Sydney Central Business District and the North Shore. You will be getting a spectacular view from the bridge of the surrounding areas that will leave you stunned for days to come. You will be able to have the marvelous pictures of the other tourist attractions in Australia while you are standing on this bridge. The bridge has also been referred to as The Coat Hanger owing to its shape or design.

You also get to experience the fantastic view of the entire surroundings if you take a guided tour of the Bridge Climb which is situated at above 134 meters from the Harbour.


Australia is also known for producing excellent wines. The country is spread with many wineries that produce the best kind of wines that too are exported globally. Taking a trip to these wineries will be one that will always be memorable for you. You can spend an entire day traveling from one winery to the other and will get the best options for moving in the form of private transfers and mini bus tours in North shore Sydney. The most noteworthy wineries that need special mention are Hunter Valley, Barossa Valley, Margaret River Valley, just to name a few.

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