Sacred History Of Yoga

Yoga has existed since a century ago, but many people believe that originated from India from five thousand years ago. It is an unrivaled activity in the ancient world. Traditional yoga gives an answer to life that has a very deep meaning, such as “Who am I”, “Where do I go?” And “what should I do?”

All these questions refer to the definition of human life, which means that “We as human beings will surely die in the present or in the future, all the problems of life come from ourselves and the solution comes from ourselves.” Complex, deep philosophy to understand life. History of Yoga is divided into four categories.

1. Yoga Veda

Vedic Yoga found in the Rig Veda, in Sanskrit Veda means knowledge, while the rig is derived from the word “ric” which means praise. So the Rig-Veda is a collection of words that praise the power of God. Another term Archaic Yoga is related to the rituals of Ancient India, which combine the real world with the spirit world. Rituals can be said to succeed if when the Yoga freeze, can focus the mind on the long term. If yoga is successful, the person will be blessed by the god of a privilege such as being able to see the spirit or know the future.

2. Praklasikal yoga

Praklasikal yoga is present in two major Indian epics such as Ramayana and Mahabharata. Discovered about two thousand years until the second century AD, closely related to the Vedic sacrificial culture developed by the Brahmin and the Book of Aranyaka. Brahmin is a Sanskrit text that describes the Vedic hymns and uses rituals. Aranyaka is a ritual book used by the forest hermit. The technique used is very deep and smooth, a full concentration so that it can control the mind, body and finally find the identity of each.

3. Classical yoga

Classical yoga is a difficult level of yoga written in the 2nd century AD, often associated with the King of Yoga taught by Patanjali on the Yoga-Sutra book. The process includes self-control that is capable of separating matter (praktiri) with the spirit (purusha), which aims to restore the spirit and make the mind holy. The pure peace comes from the result of spiritual control and cleansing the poison in the human mind.

4. Postclassical yoga

Postclassical yoga aims to reconcile all problems, unite with all aspects of the world and make unity the ultimate goal of life. The body is regarded as an immortal soul temple, releasing all ego and appreciating all creation of God.

5. Modern Yoga

Modern yoga began at the religious parliament in Chicago in 1893, Swami Vivekananda (svamin) held a congress and was able to impress the American public. He is a success and ability to make people around the world amazed and transmit a sense of peace in every teaching. He died in early 1986, Jiddu Krishnamurti continued his struggle and demonstrated Jnana Yoga, who was able to make everyone interested in becoming his followers. After that BKS Iyengar became trending for introducing the Iyengar Yoga system, which explains the health and accuracy of physical performance through posture. In 1973, he visited the United States and many people were very interested to see and listen to it. The Iyengar Yoga Association appears in countries such as North America, Europe and other parts of the world. Bks Iyengar died at the age of 95 years.

In general has a meaning that is “united”, with nature, air, world, and god. it movement and the media used are meditation techniques, helping to recognize oneself that make us closer to God. Many of the benefits that we can, such as relieving depression, stress, making a healthy heart, lose weight and more. In Bali, there is one luxury villa that has Yoga activities guided by professional guides. The natural atmosphere close to the beach is able to unify the harmony of the soul. Taman Sari Villa Located on Denpasar – Gilimanuk High Way, Pura Kerta Laksana Number 88 Pekutatan, Pulukan, Bali. The luxury villas at Medewi will spoil your holiday with your couple, family and friends.

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