Packing List For An Enjoyable Antarctic Peninsula Cruise Experience

Signing up for and going on an Antarctic Peninsula cruise is a fascinating journey. Not a lot of people make it this far south, and it is a truly unique experience. But all of a sudden you come to know – people call it the frozen continent for a reason. It is unbelievably cold down there. So, what you should wear in Antarctica?

No need to panic though! Yes, it’ll be cold, but you have to pack smart & bring the proper gear with you. Here in this post, you are going to discover some useful Antarctic packing tips that will make your life easier in the harsh outdoors.

Layered clothing:

During the summer, the average temperature in the Antarctic Peninsula region is nearly 10°C (32°F). With a surprising storm, the temperature can go down a lot. On the other hand, on clear sunny days, it may also become quite warm under the sun. To adjust to these differences, it is recommended that you wear multiple layers starting with a thermal base layer, 1 or 2 mid-layers with tapering properties, and a windproof & waterproof outer layer which includes jacket, pants, gloves,and hats.

Eye wear & sunscreen:

Antarctica experiences bright sunshine frequently during travel season, and the sun rays can be quite intense on even not-so-sunny days. Especially, the ultra violet waves reflect against the ice, snow,and water near to you. You will wish to bring polarized sunglasses that have high UV protection. You will also wish to bring a quality sunscreen for your face & lip balm for your sensitive lips.

A waterproof bag:

Ensure that your camera & other electronic items are protected while riding a zodiac boat. Carrying a waterproof backpack comes in handy when you want to keep your valuables dry, particularly if you have got costly gear such as lenses or other expensive photographic equipment.

Thin thermal pants & top:

Warm undergarments are perfect as they take up very little space, but can add quite a few degrees of warmth.

Normal walking shoes& light footwear:

For the time you spend on the boat & those sightseeing days in towns before & after your Antarctic Peninsula cruise, a pair of lightweight shoes works well. After wearing boots all day long, your feet will be screaming for fresh air, Even flip-flops feel are great in the warmth of the ship,after a full day of exploration on land.

Camera, batteries and memory cards:

Whether you are a passionate photographer with expensive equipment or a newbie with a point & shoot camera, it is almost impossible to capture a bad picture in Antarctica. So, be certain to bring your favorite camera along including a charger and additional memory cards. You will be enticed to take pictures anywhere you look and these mementos will last a lifetime. However, it is advisable to put down your camera occasionally & enjoy your time while soaking in the experience first-hand.

So when will you start planning for an exciting Antarctic Peninsula cruise? Whenever you plan for an Antarctic Peninsula cruise, please keep these above-mentioned packing lists in mind and you will definitely have a good time in this part of the world.

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