How to Plan a Perfect Northern Light Viewing Trip in Iceland

Are you bitten by the travel bug? If you have some destinations planned in your mind then maybe Iceland is one of them. Viewing the Northern Lights is an incredible experience. The aurora borealis in Iceland has managed to capture the attention of the photographers and tourists for decades. Watching nature’s brilliant show quivering above the glaciers, lava fields or mountains can be a spiritual experience.

Catch the breathtaking show of nature

The Northern Lights are visible in this Nordic Island nation from the month of September to the end of April. The aurora activity is hugely influenced by natural elements such as weather and solar activity. Of course, catching a glimpse of this phenomenon depends on your luck too. There are very few places in the world from where you can make attempts to catch this breathtaking view. Make a booking online for Northern Lights tour in Iceland. Even a few years ago, tourists were petrified about the idea of visiting this nation in winter. However, of late traveling to this part of the globe in the winter season is not an uncommon occurrence.

Reasons responsible for spectacular display

When a lot of electrically charged particles or electrons penetrate the magnetic shield of the earth at high speed and collide with the atoms and molecules of the atmosphere, then aurora borealis occur. The display of lights occurs in many colors. The most common colors are pale green and pink. Different shades of green, blue, red and yellow are also noticed. The lights may be visible in various forms ranging from scattered clouds, streamers to shooting rays. The aurora borealis is an ongoing phenomenon, and they might be visible even from May to August. However, the peak season is from November to March because at this time the nation has the most extended nights. Avail of Northern Lights tour in Iceland because these tour operators have several years of experience and they can guide you to find the best spots for viewing possibilities.

• Nearby Reykjavik

If the Northern Lights are highly intense, then you can catch a glimpse of them from the capital city itself. However, it is a wise idea to drive for a short while and watch from a place where pollution is less. Thingvellir National Park from Reykjavik is a favorite place where tourists throng to get a view.

• Near Hella

There is a higher possibility of catching the Northern Lights from Hella. The hotels have aurora alert service, and they also have provisions for outdoor hot tubs. There is a rooftop observatory where you can watch the aurora borealis.

Wise selection

There are numerous tour operators who organize trips for viewing the Northern Lights. You should do detailed research about those companies before finalizing your decision. The decision about whether the tour will take place is made in the evening depending on visibility, weather, and other factors. If a trip gets canceled, then you have the option of getting a refund, or you can reschedule. These tour operators do not provide thermal wear. You have to wear appropriate warm clothing before venturing on this trip.

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