Best Tips Before Getting The Malaysia Sim Card

Malaysia is a wonderful holiday destination, and if you have started making plans to go on a vacation, you should definitely start with an international sim card, apart from booking accommodation and flights. Here are some tips before getting yourself a Malaysia sim card:

  • A sim for Malaysia is easy to get. How about zeroing in on a service provider and buying a sim card online? All you need to do is make an online payment and get one home delivered. If you need a sim in a hurry, you can opt for an express delivery.
  • Getting a sim ahead of your Malaysia trip is a great idea because otherwise you will land there, and spend a whole lot of time looking around for local sims, the different plans, costs etc. A vacation is better spent experiencing local culture, cuisine and sights or going shopping for souvenirs and great deals rather than for sim cards!
  • Also, getting an international sim card is the perfect plan because you can get one ahead of your hol-iday, and activate it on the day of your journey. That way, you can get in touch with family back home the moment you have landed.
  • A Malaysia sim card is not expensive; the reasonable pricing means you can spend the same money on other activities. Why would you want to opt for international roaming on your phone’s mobile carrier and burn a large hole in your pocket!
  • Depending on WiFi hotspots in a foreign destination is not a great option either; patchy or non-secure connections mean putting your phone and its data at risk! Also, WiFi could be slow and get on your nerves if you want to send photos or videos back to your family. With a data plan that is part of your international sim card, you can easily exchange mails, messages, photos or videos. Why, you can even go live online and show your family or friends back home the sights and sounds of Malaysia!
  • With a Malaysia sim priced reasonably, you get free incoming calls and data that is at least 2 GB or more! The pricing starts anywhere from Rs 500 and Rs 1800, depending on whether it is a voice and data plan, or just a voice plan. The plan duration can last anywhere between seven days and a month. Incoming calls are free as well, as part of the plan.

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