5 Reasons To Visit Hobart, Australia

Australia is a continent that has no scarcity of amazing places. But if you are looking for something other than the common landmarks and cities like Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney then Hobart is the place to be. Hobart is the capital city of Tasmania, the island state of Australia. With its old sandstone warehouses, cafes and galleries, the city sits on the River Derwent.

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Hobart is definitely going to enhance your vacations with its unique experience for every tourist. Here are the 5 reasons why you must visit this historical capital city of Tasmania:

  1. Mount Wellington– If you are lucky to be in Hobart on a clear day, don’t hesitate to head up the long road to the near 1300meters sub-alpine rocky summit of Hobart’s spectacular Mount Wellington. With splendid view of the city scattered around the hills by the Derwent River, you can enjoy the pristine environment.
  2. Salamanca Place– There is nothing like Salamanca in Australia. With its array of charming Georgian sandstone warehouses overlooking Hobart’s waterfront, the place gives a tough competition to ‘The Rocks’ in Sydney. For your shopping cravings there are around 300 stallholders, sell everything from handmade Tasmanian woodwork to local gourmet delights.
  3. Battery Point– The suburb is full of some of the most beautiful Victorian houses in Australia. Started as a site of an artillery battery years back, nowadays it’s an historic residential area which is now ideal for peaceful stroll with a row of chic restaurants and cafes.
  4. The Waterfront– Although diminished by the high skyscrapers that grit the place and block the views, the Hobart’s waterfront area still remains an accessible delight. Founded by Lt. Governor David Collins, the place has plenty of places to relish on seafood.
  5. Mount Nelson– Just like Cape Town’s Table Mountain, Mount Wellington can be obscured by thick clouds. If this scenario remains when you are in Hobart, take a short drive out of town to the hillside suburb of Mount Nelson where you can also find 19th century signal station where you can witness superb panoramas.

So why not do something different? Apart from travelling to famous and popular destinations, you must also visit to Hobart. But before making any reservations, make sure you

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