What is Necessary With Sport And Life – Be a Team Player

This article has to do with self-empowerment:

Some say whatever is necessary is necessary with their sport; at the same time, their life takes the back burner for the most part. They may drink too much, have bad eating habits or get very little sleep etc. Whatever the case, this is sad because they are missing out from reaching their full potential, which of course will give them the best chance for success and happiness.

Really think about this for a moment…if you are doing whatever is necessary with your sport in practice and competition, but are lacking applying this attitude with your life, than would it be honest to say you are not doing whatever is necessary (W.I.N) to be the best you can be? Is this fair to say? By treating your sport and life like a team, there is nothing like having all the team players working together. When this chemistry is right, nothing is impossible. More about this later…

Sometimes it is a game of inches between making it to the big leagues or not. Are you willing to do whatever is necessary to get there? What if I said, you could have your cake and eat it too? What if I said, your sport success depends on the support you get from your team. You do have a choice what you want your sport and life to look like, which I do cover somewhat with my other articles.

This leads me to my next subject. I know you are willing to do whatever is necessary with your sport, but do you know what is necessary (W.i.N.) with your sport and life? Are you a bit confused where you are or W.i.N to get your team in order? Don’t worry, you are not alone – this team lineup is a never-ending quest; however, there are some general guidelines who you want on your team.

Your All-Star Team:

Here are some of my lists of all-star players you need on your team – starting with sports. Of course some may not apply to you, but you can substitute. They are: Hydration, Nutrition, Endurance, Speed, Mental Attitude, Pillar Strength, In Game Focus, Vision/Goals, Yoga/Meditation, Flexibility, and Mastery of Skill.

Here is the team of life players to help your life’s team play together better. They are: Time Management, Yoga/Meditation, Stress Management, Self Esteem, Relationship, Happiness, Personal Finances, Fun/Recreation, Healthy Habits, and Career/School.

Now, you may say this is fine and dandy, but now what do I do? Well, I am going to give you an exercise to analyze them both so you can figure out where they are in relation to where your team should be, which is a 10 of course.

Go grab a piece of paper and write all these down. One is categorized as Sports and the other Life. Write underneath all the sport ones under Sports and the other one Under Life. When this is done you will rate them one at time from 1 to 10 (Remember you can add or take out from my list), 1 being poor and 10 being perfect. For example: Out of 1 to 10, 1 being poor and one being great, where are my Healthy Habits? If it is a 6, write this beside Healthy Habits. Do this for all of them. Have fun!

When you are done this, I want you to pick just one that you want to work on the most. That’s it; you now have a gage where you are at with your life and sports and if you choose, a starting point to which one to work on first. This of course involves planning and goal setting.

By doing this exercise, you will generate greater confidence because you now know your weaknesses and strengths and that there is room to get even better. If you were on average a 6, just think what would happen if you worked on getting this to a 7 or 8 to start. Pretty exciting I would say. I hope you enjoy the analyses with your sport and life; more importantly, helps you put together a winning team now and into the future. Good Luck!

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