Watch Sky Sports News on The Go – Thanks To Mobile TV Apps

The demand to be able to watch TV on mobile phones is increasing every day. Whether it is the U.S. market or Europe, more and more people are buying smart phones and tablets that allow the live feed of several television channels that they can watch on the go.

Capitalizing on this growing demand, Sky, being the leading broadcaster in the U.K and Ireland, started its mobile TV services in collaboration with Apple in 2008. In the beginning this service was only available on iPhone and offered live feed of Sky sports and news channels like Sky Sports, Sky Sports News, Sky News, At the Races and also, ESPN.

Recently, however, Sky has also included its brand new channel, Sky Sports F1TM, to be made available for its mobile TV viewers. While this service was only available on Apple’s iPhone in the past, mobile owners of other smart phones like Samsung’s Android, iPad, Blackberry and tablet PCs can also now enjoy live TV on their mobile phones.

The U.K and Ireland’s market is very sports oriented. And with exclusive sports events like Premier League Championships, worldwide cricket events, golf, tennis and many other now available on a mobile screen, it seems that Sky has made its footing quite strong in the mobile TV market.

This service was introduced absolutely free for those that have a Sky subscription at home. For those who are not Sky subscribers, the mobile TV app was offered at a paltry price of 6 per month. Sky has come a long way from there. Now, they’ve offering this service at even reduced price. If you are not a Sky subscriber, you can enjoy Sky’s full mobile TV package on the go, anywhere you are, for the small amount of 4.99 per month, until June.

With the largest collection of sporting events from around the world, Sky’s mobile TV users can now watch live streaming on their phones no matter where they are. Although this service is only available on a Wi-Fi network, it still holds great value as the ease of watching live ICC World Cup from an airport lounge or a train station far surpasses any small network inconvenience.

And with the speed with which Sky is expanding its mobile TV services, you never know what to expect next. Hopefully, they’ll come up with the breaking news of mobile TV application being available on 3G network, next. And you will be able to watch the latest sports news on your favorite Sky Sports News channel without missing a beat.

The mobile TV application offered by Sky is rebranded as Sky Go which, in addition to its most popular sporting channels like Sky Sports and Sky Sports News offers up to 40 channels including entertainment, music, movies, lifestyle, news, and sports etc. Offering such a large collection of channels to be viewed on mobile phones is going to change the dynamics of TV viewing. This may not happen overnight, but the rate of Sky Go’s expansion is definitely a sign that there is more to come.

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