Trampoline For Sport

The trampoline was invented by George Nissen in the 1930’s. The trampoline is a great piece of recreational equipment or it can be used as exercise equipment. A person jumps on it and then it propels a person into the air. A trampoline is used in backyard play for children, gymnastics at schools or exercise equipment in fitness centers.

There are several components to trampoline parts. You can have a round or rectangle frame. This usually is made of metal. It is supported by legs. It will stand approximately 3 feet tall. A piece of strong, durable fabric is then stretched tightly over the frame. The fabrics are often called trampoline mats. The fabric can be a solid or woven fabric. The trampoline mats are then attached by springs or rubber cords to the metal frame. The springs and cords are usually covered with padding for safety. The springs come in a variety of thickness. This will prevent the jumper from getting injured on the trampoline parts.

Trampolines are fun and owners must be responsible for the care of the jumpers. Another safety feature is trampoline nets. They are designed to prevent jumpers from falling off the trampoline. They create a safe barrier between the jumper and the ground. Trampoline nets are available in different sizes and models. Also make sure there are not trees, pipes, rocks or cement in the vicinity of the trampoline.

To use a trampoline the person jumps when standing on the Trampoline mat. The metal springs or cords allow elasticity. The person is pushes the material down by jumping and the cords or springs allow it to bounce back up.

There are lots of games and activities that you can do on the trampoline. You can do “Ring around the rosy” then you all fall down. Hot Potato is a fun game. Everyone is jumping and you toss a foam ball back and forth. Whoever drops it is out. Popcorn is a fun game for children above 5 years of age. A person sits in the middle with their arms wrapped around their knees in a fetal sitting position. People jump on the outer edge of the trampoline trying to get the person who is sitting to release their arms. They are a then a popped piece of popcorn.

Trampolines are great fun for families and great exercise. Go and jump for joy.

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