The Benefits of Long Distance Run

The first: There is eagerness about marathon so you just run fast instead of running slow. As long as you have nothing to do about rhythms of running, which you are likely to quit marathon with breathless. The second: If you do take stretch exercises and it will lead to joints, bones and muscles do not work well. The third is that have a terrible rest after running specially. It is for us to drink often and then for a long term our muscles and joints are in the tiredness condition. The fourth: The running main points are wrong. The fourth is that we do not have scientific training. It is training of aimless without making plans will lead to hurt of ankle, knee and hip replacement.There are many questions we should pay attention to in the marathon.

You just hope that your marathon is well done instead of harm.In my view, one of points is our scientific training and exercise. We ought to make a marathon project in every week or every mouth and there is a proportion between running amount and speed. The second: The warm sports will help you have a good stretch of our joints. The fourth: The running field in necessary for runners but run on the road one time each week at least is also the same important. There is specially uphill and downhill runway training. The fourth: There are twice trainings of instrument power each week. Sun as the squat down barbells, push up and sit up and lying push and other trainings. The fifth is running rhythm is very vital and they are neither too fast nor too slow speeds all of a sudden. The sixth is that you are not allowed to smoke or drink. The seventh is a good rest.

There is about one month scientific training under the guidance and care of commander and pathfinder.There is nice and best result of marathon to wait for us. The first is that marathon should have a nice project and we try our best to finish it. Have a reasonable distribution of running quality and speed and be not eager about it. The second: We have twice training every week in order to solidify and strengthen muscle of legs, shanks, abdominal muscle and upper limbs power. The fourth: There is at no less than one time of running on the road or uphill and downhill. There is a good adjustment of climate and you should do training in the coldest or hottest seasons or days. At present it is obviously for our legs to have more strengthen for running. We will have the feeling of running more and more thoughts to run. It is so vital for ankle, knee and hip replacement not to get injury. We may lay a solid foundation for the marathon in the next coming.

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