The Benefits of a MUGA For Schools

MUGA (Multi Use Games Area) surfaces are rapidly becoming one of the most popular types of sports pitch construction for schools, colleges, universities and other academic institutes across the country, and the world. There are multiple reasons that this versatile type of 4g pitch installation is becoming the preferred artificial football pitch design around the world, and this article will discuss them.


Multi Use Games Areas allow a variety of sports to be played on one 4g pitch installation , preventing the necessity for an institute to have multiple pitches. This is perfect for smaller schools that don’t have much space, and thus have to limit what kinds of sport they can offer their students, or travel to different locations to play. One sports pitch construction that can host football, tennis, basketball and more means that you can offer a wider variety of activities to kids.

MUGA surfaces are often bespoke, meaning that they’re designed to your exact specifications. For example, if you’re primarily going to use the pitch for tennis and basketball, then those markings will be made by the installation company.

However, on top of the artificial football pitch design markers, another feature that should be altered is the underlay of the MUGA. If you’re planning to play contact sports, such as rugby or football, on the sports pitch construction , it’s imperative that you have a layer of cushioning below the surface to minimise impact and potential dangers to anyone who gets tackled and hits the floor. If you don’t have any padding or support, this impact could easily lead to broken bones or nasty bruises. As the MUGA surface can be customised for you, make sure you take this into consideration.

Fortunately, MUGA surfaces are also generally all-weather pitches. They can be used for a variety of sports in any season without the potential for flooding, slippery with mud or ruined with footfall. Most reliable installers will initially excavate the area, lay down a membrane to stop growth, and then use compact stone and sand to ensure a smooth and level surface. After this, another membrane is applied on top to prevent further growth and allow water to penetrate the surface. After this, the chosen surface will be installed on top.

Easy to maintain

MUGAs will lower the time and cost needed for maintenance as you can effectively replace multiple pitch or sports fields with one multi-purpose pitch. As with any artificial football pitch design, it’s a lot easier to maintain than actual turf too, making time spent on cleaning and maintaining it a lot less than with grass. You can also opt for a higher quality MUGA which is more durable and even easier to clean!

Lower costs

MUGA installations are a budget-friendly way to rejuvenate your current sporting arenas too. Rather than resurfacing, re-marking and fixing up multiple pitches, you can essentially swap them all for a high quality, efficient multi use games area. Despite the fact that the MUGA may cost more than one standard 4g pitch installation, when you factor in that there are multiple artificial pitches to spend money on, the costs will often weigh in favour of the MUGA.

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