Sports Psychology – What it is All About?

As far is sports psychology is concerned, it is a field which is normally used in terms of understanding the cognitive processes that a sportsman undergoes. The use of the field in the course of therapy sessions and counseling helps sportsperson to overcome their stress and anxiety normally caused before the big events. There could be no denying to this fact that Olympic Games are the biggest sporting event in the world. The people who participate in these games are considered as best in their individual game. It is really a lifetime opportunity for a sportsperson to be the part of Olympic Games. Even though, it is a big opportunity for the athletes to participate in these games but there is also the pressure in the mind of the players. An athlete carries the pressure of all the expectations with him before entering the field which leads to success and failure.

There are many players who have made a comeback despite of the adverse conditions with their will power. Yes, it is true that one can get the image of a sportsperson with the help of their will power. Some athletes are capable to give better performance even under pressure whereas some others who lose their hope and surrender. The psychology of sports is a kind of science that studies the behavior pattern of the athletes and helps them in term of performing better in their individual sport. This particular psychology not only motivates the sportsperson to give their best performance in their game but also develops methodology and technique that helps in team building and counseling coaches. There comes a time in every player’s career when he gets discouraged, generally when recuperating from an injury. This is the time when psychoanalysis and counseling can help them in recovering not only physically but also psychologically.

Olympic Games do not only test the technique and skills of the players but also his mental ability and strength to perform under pressure. There are a number of techniques made-up under the branch of sports psychology such as goal setting, performance routine, imagery and arousal regulation. In the technique of goal setting, the sportsperson learns systematic planning and its execution. Moreover, in the technique of imagery, he learns to imagine or creates and image of the situation he will be facing in his game. Furthermore, in the technique of Arousal regulation, a sportsperson learns the art of relaxation which includes methods of yoga, meditation, muscle relaxation and deep breathing.

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