Some Must – Have Roller Derby Accessories

You will never find superman or batman heading out on a mission without their costume or James Bond without his gun. So, why would you think of playing a contact sport without right protection? High speed and frequent collision during roller derby makes it very important that you have right set of roller gears. Let us have a look at some must-have roller gears:

Knee Pads

Properties to look for in a knee cap:

• Replaceable knee caps. If your knee pad is cracked during an impact, all you need to replace is the knee cap instead of purchasing a new set. Nowadays, most of the top brands manufacture knee pads with replaceable caps and their spare parts are easily available online.

• Butterfly closure. The open design of a butterfly closure knee pads gives you the freedom to wear it whenever you want. That means even though you are wearing your shoes or skates, you can put on and off your knee pad without removing any other item.

• Adjustable straps. This is important to give a snug fit to the knee pad and make sure it is exactly where you have strapped it.

Elbow Pads

Properties to look for in an elbow pad:

• Design of the pad. Both open strap design and pull on elbow pads have their pros and cons. While the first one offers a better breathability, the second one offers better comfort and doesn’t pinch

• Flexibility. An elbow pad that is stiff on elbows and restricts movement is of no use. Flexibility is a very important property that elbow pads must have.

HelmetsProperties to look for in a helmet:

• Weight versus protection. It is a well known fact that more serious protection you need, heavier will be the helmet. You must make a right balance of weight versus protection to make sure you get maximum protection from your roller gear.

• Soft foam removable liner. All the helmets are more or less of similar size. It is the removable liner that make them S, M, L, and XL to give you a snug fit. Moreover, it also helps in maintain cleanliness and hygiene

There are many other important roller gears, such as wrist guards, mouth guards, and ankle protectors that are vital for a game like roller derby. In addition, having right protection accessories gives you peace of mind thus significantly improving your performance.

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