Scope of Sports in India

India has a Promising Future in sports. Everyone would accept to that. With our six Olympic medalists encouraging the young generation of India to do the best they can, this is just the start of more and more forthcoming talent. the country is on its way to seek fame at the world stage. instead of lawn tennis and badminton, there is unimaginable ability in sports like athletics, swimming, rifle-shooting, rowing, cricket, hockey and almost every sport. Every two out of six children in the country are into sports and aim to make a vocation in sports.

Taking up sports as an occupation, profession and trying to make a future or business out of it is difficult. It takes eight hours of work out each day for a person to make a business out of sports.

How do you think the children study and make it possible for them to work out for eight hours a day? You would be stunned to hear their schedule. A normal child, who is determined to make it to the Olympics, has just eight hours of sleep every day His everyday schedule goes like, waking up at 5:30am, running about 5-10kilometers, and then practicing their respective sport, going home or getting ready for school in hardly half an hour, getting back from school, resting for half an hour and getting back to work out for at least three hours.

If you think how on planet would work so hard and for what outcome to work so hard, my friends; you need to change the way you look at it. A man dreams with his eyes open, cannot sleep till his dreams come true. Sleep doesn’t matter for a person who is mad to make it to his goal .

When there is no end of dedication among the young generation, there is also another side of the country that plays its role without any flaws in putting down such great enthusiasts. A number of capable sportsmen who clock records that can replace the Olympic records are claimed not legible for the world stage thanks to the rich men and politics in the country.

All we can do is wish that there are no such politics exist from now on. It’s good for the nation other than anyone if such politics is over thrown from the Indian Sports Federation and talent is given chances to perform where it belongs.

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