Paramotor Sports is Here! New Powered Paragliding Site Rocks!

My name is Rob Whittaker and I’d like to personally welcome you to Paramotor Sports. Everyone has a different story as to how they got into the sport & why. Here is mine… My Wife Samantha and I started the company in 2012 after a lifetime of dreams and preparation. Our desire to conquer the sky and touch a cloud began at childhood. While most kids were busy playing video games, I was jumping off my living room couch with a “blanket parachute!” In order to cater to my thrill-seeking personality, my parents enrolled me into a Karate School at age 10. 20 years later, my Wife and I were operating some of the most successful Karate schools in Northern California. This gave us the business and marketing skills needed to be very successful business owners. More importantly, Karate provided us the chance to become extraordinary teachers and to change the lives of thousands. Some years back, we found ourselves asking “so what’s the next great adventure in life.” That’s when we stumbled upon the exciting sport of Powered Paragliding and the rest is history!

After extensively researching the various products out there and the history of technological advances in the sport, we realized that our lives could depend on choosing the right gear. There are only a small handful of manufacturers out there, and they all claimed to have the best gear. We intently listened to the advice of top pilots who have actually pushed these machines to their limits. That helped us to determine which gear was the safest, the most fun to fly, and built to last. In the end, it came down to 1 manufacturer who stood out among the rest… The Flat Top Paramotor and U-Turn Paragliders from U-Turn USA. We are proud to have become an authorized dealer for these products and to offer them on our site. We will continue to closely follow the technological advances in this sport as they come out. This insures that Paramotor Sports will provide you with the best resources to maximize your flying experience.

I hope that this makes you want to check out our amazing site!

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