Learn Kite Boarding in Winnipeg Canada

Kite boarding is a very thrilling sport, which can be performed aerially, in the water and in snow even. They are known as aerial kite boarding, water kiting and snow- kiting and power kiting respectively. They are highly thrilling and are considered among the top adventure sports in the world.

How to start?

Depending on the place you are trying the sport out; you have to determine the kind of kiting you want to learn. There are professional certified trainers, who offer you training in the sport on an hourly basis. They train you in a highly secure environment, so that you don’t have to risk your life in trying the sport out.

The basic skills taught in Kite Boarding Lesson Winnipeg Vancouver for snow-kiting:

• Safety, awareness about the area and learning about the wind in the area

• Packing and setting up of a two line trainer kite

• Safety systems from trainer kites

• Kite control and basic steering

• Introduction of power strokes that is needed for power and riding.

These courses are available in advanced versions as well, where they teach you 4 line power foils set up of kites, controlling flights with 1 hand, un- hooked riding and formation of loops in kite riding.

The facilities for water kiting are different from that of snow kiting. The features taught in Kite Boarding Lesson Squamish Vancouver in water kiting include:

• Techniques for power management

• Kite recovery and self rescue techniques

• Rules of kiting on water

• Stopping and turning or transitions

All these extra skills are taught in water kiting over snow kiting. The charges for these kiting programmes are different. The basic kiting plan for snow kiting starts for $99 for one hour and for water kiting it starts at $69 for one hour. There are also discounts available for the plans.

What is the kiting equipment that you should own?

There is various kiting equipment that can be bought or rented. There are air rushes smart bars available, GP bars and free ride boards available. The come in various sizes and colours and they have in built safety measures. The bars can be adjusted in length, and their stretching lines can also be adjusted. Kite boarding equipment sale Winnipeg Vancouver is quite cheap and can be done online. The equipment can be paid for by cash and most companies deliver the goods to your homes, free of cost. The free ride boards cost around $630 and the cost for a smart bar is between $200 and $400. Kite boarding equipment sale Squamish Vancouver is also available online and the boards cost between $600 and $750. They can be ordered online and paid for via Papal or credit cards or cash on delivery.

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