Introducing You to The Game of Rugby

Just as every other sporting event, the game of Rugby is team-based in which each side aims at getting higher number of points than the other side during the rugby match. During the game, there are two ways in which a team can score points – it could be through getting a try or by the kicking of the ball over the crossbar to win a penalty. During a rugby match, a try earns you five points and you have the option of getting additional two points if you can kick the ball over crossbar between the posts. This is referred to as conversion, making it a total of seven points that can be harnessed from a try. A try is scored when a team is able to touch the ball on the ground over the goal line of its opponent.

If you happen to be present at a rugby live match, you’ll notice that each team on the field has fifteen players with about seven other players on the reserve bench in case there is a need for substitution. The game is played for a total of 80 minutes, with the teams spending 40 minutes for each half.

The game of rugby has basically two positions – the backs and the forwards. Usually, the forwards are stronger and bigger leaving the smaller but faster players at the back to run the ball by the time the forwards obtain the ball and pass it to them.

Meanwhile, the players in the forward position are further subdivided into rows: the front and back rows are made up of three players each while the middle row has just two players. These groups represent the position of the players in the crowd. The players in the back position are also divide into three: the halves (made up of 2 players), the three-quarter (has four players) and the fullback.

The rugby match has a number of rules, although the basics are really easy to grasp. A player must always pass the ball to the back at all times but can make forward kicks. Any one on the field can run with ball, but whenever you are tackled and fall on the ground, you must release the ball to permit the opponent team to pick the ball. To play the ball at any time, you must always be on your feet. Therefore, it is not allowed to touch the ball while on the ground.

During the game, if the ball goes off the pitch beyond the lineout that is similar to the throw-in in football, a player from the opponent side will throw back the ball on the field. To make this throw-in, some of the remaining players will form a line to receive the thrown ball. Meanwhile, if the ball should ran off the field from the pitch’s either end, it will be kicked back from the “22” which is a line that is 22 metres away from the goal line.

It is my hope that you have been able to grasp a little about the rugby match. So, when you are going for your next rugby match, either as an amateur player or a spectator, you are equipped with some tools.

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