Improve Your Vertical Jump – Tips And Ways To Follow

In virtually all types of sport, the vertical leap serves as a useful tool in measuring the ability of a player to use and show strength and power. Whether you are a basketball player, a volleyball player, soccer player or even a sumo wrestler; you need to learn how to improve your vertical jump in order to enhance your performance. Your coach can take a look at your vertical jump and he can quickly say whether you are a powerful athlete or not.

• To train in hope of improving vertical leap, you first need to measure your present jumping ability. To do this, you can stand close to a wall and then raise the hands as far as possible then ask someone to take a measure of where your hands have reached. Next, jump up while your hands are stretched up and ask your partner to take note of the height where your fingertips have reached. Your vertical leap is the distance between the two measures. It is important to take measures as you improve from training.

• Jump rope regularly for up to 20 minutes each day so your muscles will be strengthened. Choose a place for jumping rope where the floor is hard and where you can freely use lots of space over your head while jumping rope. Jump using both feet with ankles kept together. You can start to jump slowly then accelerate as you go. If jumping rope is not possible, you can substitute running down and up the stairs.

• Squatting is also an essential exercise that can help improve vertical leap. Squats can help workout the entire lower body. A basic squat is done by placing your feet apart in width equal to the distance across your hips with the heels remaining flat on the floor. Bend your knees to lower down yourself. Keep your back and neck straight then go back to the starting position. Three sets including ten squats will be a good start. You can also vary the basic squat by adding some weight. Same as with the basic, but you must pick the hand weights in between the feet as you reach the bottom. Raise your body to a standing position with hands raised up as well.

• Building calf muscles is also helpful in improving your jump. There are exercises that can help achieve this. On is by standing on a step or curb, the balls of the feet placed on the step. Slowly stand on tip toes to raise your body several inches high; putting your weight on the balls of the feet pulling in the calves. Gently lower back to where you have started and then repeat as many times as you possibly can.

• Although optional, weight training also helps. You can perform lifts and leg curls for this. You can build lean muscles with high repetitions on lighter weights; bulky muscles with low repetitions of heavier weights.

• You could also enhance your vertical jump by using the hands as momentum tool. Begin with the hands placed on the sides and then raise them over your head when you leap.

• Remember to practice jumping every day and take note of your progress.

• For any workout you perform, warm ups are crucial to be performed so as to avoid possible damages on your muscles and body.

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