How Your Sports Club Can Benefit From an Upgrade

If you are a part of a sporting establishment, whether for football, cricket or rugby, you might be unaware you need a well deserved upgrade. The upgrade to an astro turf pitch construction is a good one, as it provides many benefits across sports fields. A 3G football pitch construction has been long renowned for its ability to keep clubs affordable and operating smoothly, and for many reasons. The same applies when it comes to a synthetic cricket pitch installation, which we will cover later. So, what are the typical benefits of synthetic turf?

With thousands of clubs now making use of an astro turf pitch construction of their own, many people can enjoy sporting activities around the country as the fake turf can be counted on. Not only has synthetic grass benefitted sports clubs, but also public areas, gardens and other businesses too as little resources are needed for its upkeep, making it better for the environment and for budgets.

Furthermore, it’s important to keep in mind the average water use real turf requires. On average real grass sports fields can use up a staggering million gallons of water a year, depending on the size. This is why an astro turf pitch construction is generally favoured for sports clubs, as it helps communities in areas which need to conserve water. And with a synthetic cricket pitch installation , where these are sometimes installed in warmer countries such as Australia, the conservation of water is becoming more paramount.

For other sports like football, a 3G football pitch construction is beneficial as fake turf is a good solution for high use pitches. It’s an extremely difficult task keeping on top of real turf pitches, as they’re not as resilient as an synthetic turf at keeping up with the high volumes of footfall. Additionally, with a 3G football pitch construction clubs can play on it all year round, no matter the weather as it eliminates the risks that come with playing on real turf which is wet.

On the basis of preserving the environment, with a synthetic cricket pitch installation you can avoid the use of pesticides and fertilisers. These chemicals when overused can cause harm to the environment especially with bees. As well as helping the planet, the eliminated use of such chemicals can support clubs in saving on their maintenance budget.

When it comes to players during matches and training, fake grass reduces the risk of injury. The construction of 3G pitches is what makes this reality, as the sub base provides the surface with extra bounce. This therefore ensures players are at less risk of injury. Furthermore, the bounce makes the pitch better to play on, or just as good as real grass, because ball play is responsive.

To conclude, if your sports establishment is yet to consider a 3G pitch as an upgrade, there’s no reason to look into the possibility of this installation. Depending on your club’s budget, contractors can recommend their services based on your budget and construct something according to this, while keeping your requirements in mind.

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