Get The Best Rugby Body Armour And Improve Your Performance

Rugby is without a doubt one of the roughest sports played today. Rugby players are subjected to a fair amount of physical abuse on the training ground and during a match, and this can affect the players’ performance. Fortunately, with the advent of body armour, most of the stresses and impact of rugby play on the upper body are alleviated. Body armours are able to provide effective support and protection where it matters; helping players recover from falls and blows. There are several leading names in rugby that produce body armour for all sizes and ages. These include famous brands such as Canterbury, Optimum, Kooga and Gilbert. These brands have created body armour that is worn under rugby clothing and fits close to the skin, whilst ensuring freedom of movement and breathability during wear. Body armour gives you protection and comfort, improving confidence when tackling opponents and thus improving play. Here are some of the best body armour products released by the best brands:

Optimum offers Blitz Extreme Rugby Body Armour which has 10 mm pads on shoulders, 5 mm on biceps, sternum and ribs and offers high impact resistance protection at all points of major contact and is at the forefront of rugby protection. This body armour incorporates a full length body and comes emblazoned in the new exciting Blitz colour way design. Another design by Optimum is the Five Pad Tribal Long Body Armour Bokka which provides full length lightweight lycra with strategically placed padding on shoulders, sternum and biceps for maximum protection that can be removed easily for washing.

Gilbert offers excellent body armour too. The Gilbert Atomic Zenon Body Armour has great functional value with strategically placed mesh panels and padding to give performance protection. This body armour features a comprehensive shoulder padding system, stylish functional design, breathable mesh inserts, additional bicep and sternum padding, compression two way stretch fabric and is also IRB approved. Other excellent Gilbert body armour products include Kryten Xact 10 which features ten strategically positioned pads on the shoulders, sternum and kidneys. The padding is made from Gilberts Triflex Padding System and has flexible 10 mm cellular foam padding on the shoulders which allows for freedom of movement. The body armour is made from a lightweight compression fabric and has strategically located cross weave mesh ventilation panels that disperse heat and moisture keeping you cool and comfortable.

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