From Simple Origins To An International Empire – The Rise And Rise Of MMA

Understanding The Basics Of The Sport

If you are in the small minority people who don’t know what mixed martial arts actually is let’s get started with a quick summary: Put simply MMA is a demanding combat sport located inside a canvas covered cage or octagon where a pair of mixed martial artists compete in a number of rounds. The goal of the fighter is to score points from landed blows or to end the fight early by either a submission; where the opponent taps their hand on the mat to indicate defeat, by knocking the opponent out (usually from a strike to the head), or by choking the opponent unconscious.

As the name suggests MMA is a mixed variety of more well-known martial arts, for instance; South American Jiu-Jitsu, Taekwondo, Boxing, Krav Maga and good old back street brawling and fist fighting. Both professionals and beginners attempt to hone their skills as an all-round MMA fighter by becoming experienced in each individual discipline and, most importantly, transitioning across techniques as the conditions of a bout dictate.

The Incubation Period Of The Sport

The beginnings of the UFC (and for that reason mixed martial arts) have become synonymous. There isn’t any question that as the intense bare knuckle spectacle of fighting seen in the UFC increased, the whole of MMA gained reputation and, in the main, shared the spoils this enhanced global recognition.

As you can probably imagine, issues occurred because of the crazy and bloody nature of the sport in the early days. This coupled with inadequate regulation meant countless US states blocked mixed martial arts events. As a result during the 1990s the sport floundered somewhat and went underground.

Modern Times And The Move To Becoming More Legit

Towards the late 2000’s another aspect also helped mixed martial arts gain additional mainstream publicity, as fighters recognized for being successful in various other sports transitioned over to MMA.

Most notable was Brock Lesnar, a previous two time NCAA All-American wrestler who later had become a huge star in the field of pro wrestling with the WWE. Aside from Lesnar ‘You Tube sensation’ Kimbo Slice also began a contract with the UFC, drawing a large group of followers who had witnessed his unsanctioned street fights on online video sharing sites.

“I Could Do That!”

Given that interest in MMA, and in particular the UFC, had grown rapidly in the 2000s (particularly amongst men) as a result of the inherent exciting nature of the sport. Translated into a lot more people trying MMA in their own time, perhaps as a beginner or even semi-professionally.

By the mid to late 2000’s a proliferation of local health clubs and MMA training programs online had begun to surface, aimed squarely at individuals that were familiar with mixed martial arts who wanted to give the sport a try for themselves.

The Expansion Of Online MMA Workouts

As a result of the expansion of the sport, and the growth of the web as a platform to deliver dynamic audio and video content to a large audience, a significant number of web-based MMA training programs and home exercise routines have emerged.

Numerous coaches and trainers provide MMA workouts, these can be tremendously useful for people wanting either an introduction to MMA training, or people looking to develop their skills further.

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