Divi Flamingo Bonaire to Welcome Back Diving Legends During Reunion Week in June

Diving “legends” who have helped towards the success of Divi Flamingo Beach Resort on the island of Bonaire have been invited to attend a special reunion event next month to celebrate the resort’s 60th anniversary.

Divi Flamingo has invited well-known diving experts and industry leaders such as Max Hillier, Peter A. Hughes, Alan Jardine, Harry Ward, and Craig Burns as well as former customers who have enjoyed scuba diving holidays at the resort to join in the celebrations.

Bonnie Hanley from Divi Resorts commented: “A lot of people have invested a portion of their careers in diving to make Divi Flamingo the popular resort it is today. We’re taking this opportunity to celebrate their contributions AND also invite former Divi customers and divers to come back and relive some of their great Bonaire experiences.”

The reunion will take place from 16th to 23rd June, 2012 and is just one of the many events that have been planned by the diving resort this year.

Divi Flamingo has launched several promotions and events throughout 2012 to celebrate the anniversary such as celebrity guest appearances, discounts, a Master Class with Stephen Frink, and special scuba diving packages.

During May this year, travellers who sign up for week-long scuba diving holidays will receive three free afternoon boat dives.

The Divi Flamingo Beach Resort is located in one of the top scuba diving destinations in the world. The island of Bonaire is situated 30 miles from Curacao in the Caribbean and is renowned for its dedication towards marine conservation. The isle is surrounded by a thriving coral reef which offers a collection of diving sites for scuba diving and snorkelling enthusiasts and the entire coastline has been declared as a marine sanctuary to preserve the fragile marine species.

While scuba diving in the Caribbean destination, divers can swim in crystal-clear, calm, warm turquoise ocean waters while exploring the breathtaking marine environment that is home to hundreds of species of vibrant tropical fish and beautiful marine creatures.

The General Manager of Divi Flamingo Beach Resort, Sara Matera, added: “Bonaire is a special place and this anniversary is certainly something we are very proud of. It’s a reason to come back to Bonaire to help us celebrate.”

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