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There is no dearth of furniture in the market but not everyone will give the same quality as we do. When you sit with your home decor, you pay great deal of attention to all the intricate details because it is your abode and you want to look it as beautiful as it can. You make all the arrangements and you do not take any risks with the quality of the items. With the advent of internet, you can easily buy furniture online in India but again there are a number of players in the market and you do not know whom to trust. We, INV home, understand your concern and we have brought the best quality furniture imported from all across the globe specially to add a charm to your abode.

Out of all the decorative pieces you pick up, cushions are something that gets neglected amidst the stack of items to be purchased. You often take the idea of cushion lightly saying you can buy it from anywhere later. Cushions are but a very important accessory for your lush sofa sets and couches. The availability of cushions online is huge. Cushions are available in a variety of colours, sizes, foam thickness etc.

Places where you can keep cushion and how to play with the colours:

  1. Hall: this is the place which is first hit by your guests. Generally sofas and couches are taken in mild colours like beige, cream, brown. For these you can get contrasting plain colours cushions that are not only comfortable to relax on but will add a different charm to your luxury sitting arrangements.
  2. Bedroom: Cushions add a luxury to your impressive beds. Try and play with various contrasting as well as matching colours. You can keep bold colours cushions to compliment your subtle colour combination of bedsheet.
  3. Dining chairs: if you are someone who likes to dine in comfortably then you can go for those cushions specially crafted for dining chairs. Here you can choose colours that are pleasing to the eye. Comfort should be your first priority over the colours.

There may be other spaces in your house where cushions fit the best. The placing and the colours you choose for your cushions are really important and you cannot afford to spoil the decor look by opting for a bad cushion.

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