Why Should we Wear a Wooden Wristwatch?

There is generally no big reason for buying a stylish accessory but if you are talking about woody watch things are different. This is a rare combo of beauty and brain. Here at the time of buying one such artistic timepiece, you get the 2-way benefits of wearing an artifact that is good looking as well as it is useful as it performs well. Check 5 awesome reasons for buying a woody piece.

Smart look matters

Crafted from best quality woods, these woody timepieces look new-age smart. These products are built with simple minimalistic designs that go well with both formal and casual dresses. These woody items are available for both men, women, as well as for unisex style freaks. The cool versatility is one of the reasons to buy wooden wristwatch models.

They are amazingly durable

If durability is one of the reasons behind selecting or discarding a fashion accessory for you, you just can’t forgo the decision of buying a woody timepiece. Because of their basic material wood, wood watches are extremely durable. They are not breaking prone and can stay as it is for ages if you maintain a few maintenance protocols like

  • Never expose the item under rain or while swimming
  • Never expose the watch amidst hot and humid atmosphere for long
  • Never try to tamper its batteries
  • These products do not need polishing or factory cleaning support, etc.

These are green products

One of the motivations to buy wooden wrist watch is its green nature. Mostly crafted out of wasted wood planks, these artifacts are a wonderful specimen of reuse and recycling of natural products as well as waste management. Furthermore, these timepieces are handmade so there is no cost of using energy. Completely free of producing harmful carbon footprint, wood crafted watches are environment-friendly and never pose any threat to the skin.

Skin-friendliness is delightful

These wood products are dermatologists approved a product that they are non-allergic. Even if you have the most sensitive skin, you can use wood watches round the year without least risk of allergy or skin irruptions. Those who suffer from metallic rash, especially during summer, woody timepieces, are the great relief of their skin care utility solution.

Warranty coverage is a great protection

Good quality wood watches are sold with warranty and that makes these purchases a wise one. In order to enjoy warranty protection, you need to purchase a timepiece from a reputable shopping portal. Before buying one such designer product you need to check if

  • Guaranteed supply of spare parts is available from the stores
  • If written warranty paper will be given at the time of delivery
  • If battery specification is mentioned in the watch manual
  • If cleaning care is explained in detail
  • If storage option is recommended.

These are five reasons that make a woody wristwatch an exclusive piece for your purchase. Besides look by wearing such a green product you can enjoy your responsibility for maintaining a greener Earth and green environment around you.

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