Top 5 Advantages of an Orthopedic Mattress

Everyone has seen an advertisement for orthopedic mattresses and an offer to buy them at least once. But not everyone knows what this product is and why it costs more than traditional options. So what is the main difference?

High-quality orthopedic mattresses provide an even distribution of the weight of the sleeping person, due to which all parts of the spine are in the optimal, physiologically correct position.

As a matter of fact, “orthos” in translation from ancient Greek just means “correct”. However, in order to not only be called but really be orthopedic, the mattress must meet certain quality criteria.


Complex multilayer spring and springless systems are often positioned by manufacturers as something perfect: anatomy, hygiene, environmental friendliness …

  • Anatomy

Characteristic, one of the first in the list of advantages of mattress systems. The wavy effect is excluded – a serious drawback for double beds, especially with a large difference in weight between spouses. The restless movements of one will not disturb the restful sleep of the other.

At the same time, the risk of most causes of anxiety and bad dreams is reduced. The correct position of the spine, a relaxed state of internal organs and muscle tissue. Orthopedic mattresses locally respond to the weight of the human body, taking its shape and evenly distributing the load. No awkwardness, fatigue, numb arms, and legs.

  • Hygiene

It is provided by the characteristics of the materials used and production technologies. It is possible to select a mattress for certain parameters: water resistance, dustproof and antiseptic impregnation, ventilation, aeration.

Additional protection against moisture and pollution is relevant when arranging beds in hotel complexes, medical and social centers, and child care facilities. It is important for home if you plan to move frequently, have small children or pets.

More often manufacturers recommend professional cleaning of mattresses, but some removable covers are ready to withstand home washing without loss of fabric properties.

  • Wide functionality

Unique combinations of materials and technologies provide climate control of the microclimate, maintaining humidity and temperature at the proper level. The effect of the micro-massage of the RM Individuell Bamboo Round mattress is created thanks to the fillet cutting of a layer of polyurethane foam.

  • Environmental friendliness

All models presented in the catalog are made from environmentally friendly raw materials. Manufacturers do not exclude the possibility of allergies to wool, latex, other types of fillers, but guarantee the use in the manufacture of only environmentally friendly materials that do not emit toxic substances during operation.

  • Therapeutic effect

A comfortable body position during sleep is not only a pleasant dream at night and a good mood during the day. Blood circulation is not disturbed, arms and legs do not flow, the neck does not get tired, there are no loads on muscle tissue in places of contact with the surface of the mattress.

The orthopedic mattress will not cure, but it will help to “straighten out”, to relax the systems tired for the day: musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, nervous. Especially for the “gourmets of comfort” created options for “winter-summer”.


A key feature that allows you to identify true orthopedic mattresses as point elasticity. It depends on her how each surface element will respond to the load. Mattresses with high point elasticity are able to adapt as correctly as possible to the load, repeating the shape of the natural bends of the human body. This allows you to correctly distribute weight so that the physiological position of the spine is maintained regardless of the sleeping position.


An excessively hard mattress exposes the human body to excessive loads. To keep the spine in a comfortable position, the muscles are constantly in tension. Too soft a mattress, oddly enough, leads to similar results. The body is drowning in it, as a result, back support is again due to the constant tension of the muscles.

Uniform weight distribution on orthopedic mattresses allows you to maximize muscle relaxation, is a good prevention of spinal curvature. This not only has a beneficial effect on the quality of sleep but also leads to increased circulation and metabolism, that is, to an overall improvement in the body.

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