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Over the years, the experts of the fashion industry have given their opinions on plus size women should dress. Many of them arose from years of influencing due to which we have learned to idealise a particular body type. But as we moved on, it is now time to step up to the stereotypes and unfollow the rules that restrict you and your individuality. If you are a lady who has been shying away from dressing whichever way you wish to, you must try our plus size clothing exclusively designed to make you look stunning at any size. In this article, you will come across tips on how to shop and what to look for when looking for women’s plus size kurtis.

What You Should Look For

Determining some points before shopping plus size Kurtis can save you from going to a tailor for some extra fittings and spending some more bucks.


V-shaped necklines or deep V necklines are perfect in order to make your neck look longer. We suggest the curvy ladies out there go for deep V-necklines more than round necklines or Mandarin collars as they tend to give a slimmer appearance. Why not step out of the box and get trendy plus-size kurtas with V-necklines!


If you feel conscious about any certain part of your body, we recommend you stay away from clingy materials that tend to emphasize that part and instead go for cotton, rayon, Muslin, or chiffon materials that will skim and not hug your body. Cotton fabric is ideal for literally any occasion. Our line of women’s plus-size Kurtis majorly encompasses cotton and rayon. Any plus-size kurta set will feel breezy on you when it is made of rayon or cotton fabric.


The perfect length for a plus-size kurta must be a few inches below the knee. We say that this length is perfect for plus-size women as they are pretty lengthening, slimming, and help in balancing your silhouette. Knee-length plus-size kurtas are also ideal for work when paired with either heels or flats based on what you are comfortable in. Ankle-length or maxi Kurtis works wonders for flattering the form of curvy ladies. If you are one of them, go for a hem that falls right below the knee.

Tips To Make You Look Slim In Designer Kurtis

Designer Kurtis can make you look chubby but with some cuts and tricks, you can make the Kurtis look perfectly fit on you.

Say Yes To Straight Cuts

When you are out looking for a plus-size Kurti, focus more on straight long Kurtis, A-line Kurtis, and of course, Anarkali Kurtis without flare. These styles tend to amplify your legs and give a spread-out weighted appearance. Sure, they look fancy and pretty but keep away from flares as they make you look a lot broader than you actually are.

Avoid Heavy Fabrics

Thick fabrics are always heavy and bulky. They make you appear bigger than you are with their heavy quality finishes. Fabrics like jacquard and denim make you feel fatigued and induce excessive sweating. Decorations on the fabrics are another major factor that increases the weight of your outfit. Patterns like sequins, mirror work, beads, and embroidery contribute towards making any fabric weigh heavier. We recommend you go for lightweight fabrics that can keep you refreshed and relaxed.

Look For Small Patterns

Follow the basic rule- any design or pattern must not be bigger than the size of your fist. Yes, the smaller the pattern, the better because it creates the illusion that the fabric is bigger when more and more patterns can fit on a single piece of fabric. Another excellent way to look slim is by embracing geometric patterns, however, you need to make sure that the stripes run vertically instead of horizontally as vertical stripes rend to create an illusion of a slimmer body and do not call for any effort from your end. Keep away from big checks and any other lookalike prints that emphasize the size and shape of your body.

Final Words

We hope that with this article, you are now all set to be a fashionista and you will no longer allow your size to let you down when you wish to rock the latest designs that will make heads turn. There are a lot of stores that offer designer plus size Kurtis for the beautiful curvy ladies. You will find literally any pattern or design that can not only make you look slimmer but also exceptionally breathtaking!

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