Must-Have Banarasi Silk Sarees For Your Wardrobe- Cherish Your W

Saree- this one simple word is enough for any beautiful Nari to complete their look instantly. You can not find a single lady without a single piece of saree. Saree became the favourite apparel of every woman in the nation. Only these beautiful six yards of fabric can make an Indian woman so pretty and charming. Each beautiful woman has draped themselves in such beautiful and elegant, colourful silk sarees so that they always look stunning. Saree is not just found in modern days. Since the Indus valley civilization period, people have put saree on to protect themselves. However, the first mention of saree was found in the Rig Veda. At that time, people became quite skilled in dyeing, printing, and silk weaving.

Must-Have Banarasi Silk Sarees For Your Wardrobe- Cherish Your W

As time passes, everything has evolved with texture, pattern, draping style, and colour sense. People have adopted a lot of draping styles to get a different look with a saree. From state to state, these draping styles vary from each other. You may find Athpourey style from West Bengal, Nauvari style from Maharashtra, Mekhela Chadar style from Assam, Nivi drape from Andhra Pradesh, Kappulu from Andhra Pradesh, Surguja from Chhattisgarh, Seedha pallu from Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, and Odisha, Pinkosu from Madurai, Bootheyara from Karnataka, Coorgi style from Karnataka, Halakki Vokkaliga from Karnataka, Gol sari or Parsi drape, Kunbi drape from Goa, Dhangad from Goa, Madisaru from Tamil Nadu, Namboothiri from Kerala, Mohiniattam from Kerala, Santhal drape from Jharkhand, Innaphi and Phanek from Manipur, Purnia draping from Bihar, Rajasthani style, Belted saree draping, One pallu open drape, Pant style western saree draping, Retro Style Saree Draping, Neck Drape Saree Draping, Mermaid Style Saree Draping, Inverted Border Saree Drape Style, Lehenga Style Saree Draping, Indo-Western Style Saree Draping, Skirt Style Saree Draping, Half Float and Half Tucked draping, and so forth.

Nowadays, a lot of saree varieties are available for everyone. And, at an Indian wedding, Indian brides can not look forward without a gorgeous and royal piece of the latest banarasi silk sarees. Yes, the banarasi silk saree is the royal one; it has its own kingdom in the Indian fashion industry. When a bride flaunts her banarasi silk saree, she feels amazing. So buy a banarasi silk saree online and make your wedding day more glittering and memorable.

Not Just Beauty- A Banarasi Silk Saree Carries History And Tradition With It That Your Must Cherish By Buying A Banarasi Silk Saree Online

Whenever the wedding day knocks at the door, women go to the market and pick up the banarasi silk saree to show off their ultimate beauty with the charm and softness of the banarasi silk sarees. 

Banarasi silk saree was first adorned by Mughal emperors and their family members in or around the 14th century. Mughal emperors were fond of culture, and they used to hire artisans for their production of handwoven latest banarasi silk sarees. Highly skilled craftsmen made use of their hands only to make this beautiful and charming piece of banarasi silk saree. They used pure silk available in the city of Varanasi or Banaras. They also used a pure gold zari that levelled up the beauty of a pure banarasi silk saree. 

Craftsmen used to embellish Indian poems and motifs on the banarasi silk saree by creating unique and intricate silk brocades. So basically, the banarasi silk saree became the finest blend of Indian culture and Mughal royalty. As time went on, this royal saree became available for all kinds of people. And nowadays, it’s the mandatory apparel for each and every Indian bride. Without a pure handwoven banarasi silk saree, a big fat Indian wedding is incomplete. So what are you waiting for? Buy pure banarasi silk saree online for your D-Day.

Cheer Up Your Wedding Day With Our Exclusive Collection Of Banarasi Silk Sarees Online

The wedding day is the most special day of everyone’s life, and everyone wants to look unique with their appearance at their wedding. And that leads to shopping to find the best piece of unique and handwoven latest banarasi silk saree. But somehow, this covid-19 pandemic situation made it impossible to roam around the market and find the best piece of lavishing and royal banarasi silk saree. But don’t worry at all because we are always by your side. 

Just to make your wedding day more special, we have arranged an endless collection of banarasi silk saree online. When you are going to visit our online website, you will see that we have every type of pure banarasi handwoven saree with all possible colour combinations. In general, banarasi silk saree is available in various design processes such as Jangla, Tanchoi, Cutwork, Tissue, and Butidar. Jangla design comes from the Jangala vegetation motif that is present across the length of the body of the banarasi saree. This is said to be the most ancient one in the history of the banarasi saree. With its unique and luxurious design, this type of banarasi saree is the bride’s first choice.

Tanchoi saree is different with its large motifs in pallu, while the border is enriched with criss-cross patterns. Cutwork banarasi saree is known for its motifs of jasmine, marigold, creepers, and various designs of leaves. In the tissue design pattern, golden zari woven lotus are the main interesting part. Besides, the border and pallu are designed with self woven paisleys. And finally, the butidar saree is also a bride’s choice because its brocade works with gold, silver, and silk. In this butidar design of banarasi silk saree, various types are there such as Angoor Bail, Ashrafi Butti, Latiffa Butti, Resham Butti Jhummar Butti, Jhari Butta, Patti Butti, Baluchar Butta, and so forth.

So if you really want to make your days special with these unique designs of banarasi silk saree, then you have to visit only our online shop. Only in our online shop you will get a pure handwoven, soft and lustrous banarasi saree. We have picked these banarasi collections from experienced artisans, don’t think about the quality. There is no way to think twice before buying. Just browse through our website and place your order of your favourite banarasi silk saree as your bridal banarasi saree. Whenever you place your order, you will avail of a delicate offer along with your purchase. Besides, you do not need to collect your saree from anywhere because you will get your favourite saree just at your doorstep. So start shopping from our online site and make your day special with lustrous, shiny and royal beauty. Happy shopping.

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