How Technology Has Positively And Negatively Changed The Sports Industry

In the last two decades, Technology has emerged, and the world is dependent on Technology. In sports, a clear shift can be seen from the impacts of Technology. By taking a simple look back to the nineteen nineties, which was just thirty years ago, you can see a change in the way the industry. news is a way that people get information about anything going on in the community and the world.

In sports, the news is catered around sports fans and their needs. Sports news can highlight anything from your favorite team’s statistics or which players are doing the best. Before Technology emerged, the news was simply heard by reading the daily news or listening to the radio. Technology allows the news to be accessible and convenient. Sports apps like ESPN, Google, and Fox enable fans to get their news by reaching in their pockets. This changed the sports industry as it allowed for more in-depth views of sports news. Allowing fans to get as much news as possible.

The increase of viewership in games has increased due to the emergence of Technology in the sports industry. Viewership is one of the primary keys to success for any sports team, and having Technology positively impact sports is essential. Before Technology, sports had to be viewed in person to precisely what was happening during a game. To find out the final game score, you would have to wait until the news was released the next day. Radio was the first change as it allowed the game to be listened to at home; however, you wouldn’t get the same experience as watching the game. Technology’s impact on sports has allowed sports to be viewed in the comfort of your own home, easily accessible on a cellphone, and able to watch at any bar. Having accessibility to watch the game and not having to attend shifted how the sports industry operated.

In 2020 when the pandemic occurred, it hit their sports industry hard as many teams had to postpone seasons as in-person attendance to games was not allowed. The sports industry took a big hit economically due to the pandemic. Athletes had to endure many changes as their health was on the line when participating. Athletes had to follow many protocols, such as wearing masks and quarantine when possible, to ensure the sport could be played safely. Technology saved viewership in the sports industry as it allowed fans to watch games at home because fans are not permitted to attend in person. Stadiums were empty for months, and Technology was the only thing connecting sports to their fans. The impacts of the pandmeic are still seen in sports today as many players have to miss games due to covid exposure. Covid will always be a precaution that the sports industry has to be aware of.

When you think about the performance of athletes, the first thing you think about is physical health. That is not the only thing that contributes to how an athlete performs. Mental health is a topic that is being brought up in sports more often as it is not such a quiet topic anymore. Due to increases in Technology, athletes’ lives are continuously being watched. Social media contributes to why athletes’ lives are so public as a simple rumor can spread quickly on social media. This can be seen for many famous athletes as they have the media constantly watching them and want to get any information about the player. This can leave a constant pressure on many athletes’ shoulders, and when they don’t perform to everyone’s expectations, it can leave many people upset. This can result in the performance of an athlete decreasing due to the added pressure.

Technology impacts on sports have been seen in a positive light and in a negative light. When it comes to the news, Technology’s effect on the sport is clearly seen. It has made sports news more of a known topic than it ever was before. Views have been raised to a level of convenience as fans don’t have to attend a game to watch it. The pandemic is a prime example of how Technology positively impacted sports. Athletic performance can be negatively affected as the media is constantly pressured by athletes. Technology impacts have changed the sports industry, and it will keep changing the industry as Technology serves a big part in daily life. Addressing what is beneficial and what is not and finding a way to balance the sports industry will be solved.

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