Help Your Children From Nightmares With Dream Catchers

As a parent, we are often inundated with disturbing dreams that our children encounter, especially on a stormy night or after some personal turmoil. Even a violent episode of the favourite television serial can sometimes bring about a bout of bad dreaming sessions. Often, we feel frustrated and helpless to stop them, and can only soothe them as much as it is possible. Although there are several scientific ways to encounter or rather, give an explanation to bad dreams, sometimes a little spiritual help and a few old remedies might help. Dream catchers, are one such solution for nightmares, as per the North American folk legend.

What are dream catchers?

They are handmade creations, mostly associated with the indigenous North American people. The intricate design is made up of several web like structures, strung together in a thread. The webs are then entangled further, in a unique design, with feathers. The webs, as well as the way they are strung, varies, depending upon the creator. However, the overall design remains the same. The colour of the structure encasing the web and the feathers (mostly coloured to match the silk thread) gives it an ornate and beautiful appearance. The number of webs, intricate design, or the colours, all have different meaning, and are used for different purposes.

Dream catchers are also aesthetically beautiful, and thus, make it more interesting for the children, as well as the elders. Although traditionally made from willow wood, woven into a wooden frame, they are sturdy and depict the traditional culture of the Native Americans. The web, though, comes now in different materials too, including silver.

How does a dream catcher catch dreams?

Well, the main idea behind the use of dream catchers is that it is believed to filter the dreams of the children, thereby keeping them away from nightmares. The interwoven webs are said to filter off all the bad dreams, and allow only the good dreams to pass through them, thereby giving the children a good night’s sleep. And, when the morning light filters in, the bad dreams, clung to the web is said to vanish away.

Although the dream catchers were handmade, by the indigenous people, it is now readily available on the net. There are a beautiful array of colours, designs, and materials to choose from, making it an excellent option for chasing away those dream monsters from the little heads. And, since a dream catcher does not have limitations of age, one can only wait and watch what it does to the elders in the house too, when hung in the appropriate place- somewhere above the bed.

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