Clean & Shine Your Watch Band Before It’s Too Late

In today’s modern world watches and timepieces are those accessories that are becoming increasingly important parts of the wardrobe. But, do take notice of the condition of your watch when you wear it each day; build-up or stains of sorts on the inner sides of the watch band? If you don’t, then it’s high time that you do for the longevity of your favorite timepieces.


A watch bracelet made of stainless steel can be clean in a number of ways like soaking it, using soap & water or just wipe off with a cloth or bush away all the accumulated dust. But, one thing you must know if you are planning on soaking the stainless steel band, you must separate the bracelet from the case. Another thing to keep in mind is that the watch must have a minimum of 50m water resistance just like the Star Wars Unisex Watch. Using some kind of lighter fluid is recommended for a streak-free shine.


These can be cleaned quite easily. All you have got to do is either throw it into the washing machine (pack it in a garment bag of sorts to avoid the metal hook from snagging other fabrics or merely use a bit of water and soap mixture to spot clean nylon watch straps.


Leather bands are the most sensitive ones when it comes to watch-band maintenance. If someone tells you that having a leather conditioner is a mandate, don’t listen to them. Care for leather bands varies according to its type. For example, leather suede’s cannot tolerate water. Leather bands ideally need to air out & breathe which is why taking it off your wrist while you sleep can prove to be brilliant. Leather can only withstand minor exposure to water but, only if it has enough time to dry off. A big mildew odor caution if exposed to heavy water and doesn’t dry off.

Now that we have discussed the cautions that are required to be taken with leather bands, let’s proceed to the maintenance practices for the same. A clean damp cloth, especially microfiber is best to rub the strap every now and then & then let it dry. Never keep leather band watches exposed to sunlight for long as heat dries out and damages the leather quality. For deeper cleaning, you can add a very tiny amount of hand soap to the previous cleaning method. Ah, yes, for odor control, try putting a water and baking soda paste (only a bit) on the leather watch band and leave it like that for a few hours. You’ll see the magic!


The Star Wars Unisex Black Watch is one of the easiest watches to maintain, especially because it has a silicone or rubber strap. Rubber watch-bands are extremely easy when it comes to their maintenance. If you feel that your silicone watch strap has any kind of dirt particles or sweat caked on to it, just a simple dish soap and water mixture will suffice to clean it off.

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