Choosing a Kate Spade Bag as a Present

Giving another woman in your life a gift she will treasure doesn’t have to be stressful! When you look at Kate Spade bags, there is no reason for you not to be eager for her to open it. However, you should put plenty of thought into the gift. You want it to be reflective of their needs and their preferences, not your own.

How much do you plan to spend on the gift? That information is a good place to start. Then you can narrow it down to Kate Spade bags that fall within that price range. Since these designer bags are affordable, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding something you can work with. To help you stretch that budget further, look for discounted and sales items.

Which Type?

What types of activities does the individual take part in regularly? Are they a business person? A stay at home mom? Perhaps they are in college or they enjoy the outdoors. Such details can help you to pinpoint which type of Kate Spade bags to look at. Maybe they have made a comment about how much they like a particular bag you have or that they one for a particular event.

Which Design?

Do the prefer items that are practical and sophisticated or unique? They may be an individual who would really like one of the Kate Spade bags offering some accents or bling. Think about how they dress, where they spend their time, and even the types of jewelry they often wear. Such information can help you to get on track with the right design to their personality.

The design can speak volumes about who they are and what they prefer too. You will find so many options out there, you never have to settle for something that really doesn’t do justice for them.

Which Size?

There are very small Kate Spade bags and those that are much larger. Think about what you feel the person would use it for the most. Do they need a tote or backpack for items they often carry around? Do they attend many social galas and they could benefit from a wristlet or small wallet? Try to get them a size you don’t see them using all the time too, so they have more variety.

Which Color?

You can also select the right color for the person you plan to give it to. They may have a certain color that they love. If you aren’t sure, go with something that can be used with anything such as black or brown. If they tend to be more on the unique end of the spectrum, get them one that is red, purple, or peach. It will be more individualistic and stand out.

There are multi colored Kate Spade bags too, and the different colors together on one bag can really accent the overall look of it. While you are shopping for them, always keep in mind what they like the most. It can be useful to make a short list, so you can verify what you pick for them fits all of those highlighted points.

As you shop for them, you are bound to find items that you fall in love with too. However, they fit your wants and needs, not that of the person the gift is for. Why not get one for yourself at the same time? It can be a special treat that you deserve, and you will really love adding to your collection of bags. When you can find them for great prices, you can afford to get them both!

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