Bring an Old World Charm to Your Persona With Vintage Jewellery

Old is gold even when it is a coin from British era or a string of tribal beads. Recognize something from the past with high quality and that which represents the best of its kinds this is called vintage, and it is one of the best made in its field.

Vintage charm is made of old gold and royal diamonds and gives a glamorous look, which attracts everyone. This fascinating piece from the past can also be inculcated into modern day jewelry

Indian antique jewelry design collections are available for the whole body in bling gold and classy patterns of bronze, gold, silver or copper. Here are some of the vintage jewellery from Pipa Bella that comes with an old world charm which you need to have in your jewelry box.

1. Copper or Silver Finger Ring Jewellery

Finger ring looks beautiful with old copper or silver design and catches the attention of everyone you’re having a discussion.

2. Solid Gold Jewellery

Mythology and nature-inspired jewelry designs which are made of solid gold acts as the base which is created by seed pearls, rubies or emeralds makes the vintage style jewelry from the Mughal era and is the new fashion trend in this period

3. Bird Shaped Pendant Jewellery

The bird-shaped pendant vintage gold jewelry is designed in a unique style which is similar to the jewelry of Mughal era.

4. Fish shaped Necklace Jewellery

The fish-shaped golden necklace is a unique vintage styled jewelry.

The texture of old gold perfectly compliments the out of the box designed fish shaped adorn on the vintage style goldfish shaped necklace.

5. Golden Jade

Indian vintage jewelry with unique designs adorns almost every part of the body; girls can decorate their thick ropes like jet black braids with luxurious vintage golden jadais jewelry pieces.

6. Stone Embedded vintage style Jewellery

Kundan with stones is a modern and fashionable jewelry design style for festive occasions or festive look and also for the wedding ceremony.

7. Pearl Earrings or Necklace Jewellery

The pearls with gorgeous floral jewellery designs are inspired and draw attention to the frame of your face.

The pearl earrings are surrounded by diamond accents which are very attractive and hence are favorite accessories among a lot of people. If you are a vintage lover, pearl earrings or chain makes you stand out from the crowd when you are wearing this necklace piece.

8. Cocktail Ring

The vintage cocktail ring features a gorgeous pearl surrounded by a mix of other pearls and diamonds. This cocktail ring is one of the most beautiful vintage jewelry for vintage jewelry lovers.

9. Tanzanite Earrings

The brilliance of precious stones, which come in various colors to suit your personality, would be the best one for you.

10. Gold Bangles or Diamond Bracelet

Diamond bracelets are the best when paired with western dresses, and party wears and are the best for festive occasions or weddings.

The bottom line

Vintage Jewellery services give pleasure for people with discriminate taste, and it is also essential to look more fashionable. If you were picking individual items of vintage jewelry to go with clothing, then you can easily choose from our wide range of jewelry at

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