Battery-powered Watches Vs Wind-up Watches

Ever since the invention of battery powered watches, the debate between battery powered and wind-up watches has begun and it is still ongoing. There actually is no fixed answer or end to the debate as both the kinds of watches have their own upsides and downsides. It is on your personal taste and needs in a watch that makes it perfect for you.

Distinction between these two kinds

The very basic difference between the battery-powered and wind-up watch is that the previous requires a watch battery in order to run whereas; the later needs winding by a wearer. The battery for battery-powered watches can be found in any watch dealer shop.


Having a watch like that of Darth Vader Watch with Black Silicone Strap, that runs in battery is way easier to be used. Not to mention, most of the watches available in the market are battery powered. As easy as it seem, the battery-powered watches such as Unisex Watch Black Silicone Strap still have a few drawback of its own. They are as follows:

  • Like the ink for pens, even watch batteries for specific timepieces can be difficult to find. When not available with any watch dealer, they have to be ordered from the manufacturer directly.
  • Say, for instance, you are all set to set off for a long awaited vacation, buying a battery can get really difficult and in some scenarios not at all possible.
  • There are certain old watches whose battery type is no longer available in the market or not even produced anymore. So, hunting down such a battery is almost next to impossible.


In case of wind-up watches the consumer can be free of worrying about the watch replacement. Self-winding watches show a time that is usually more consistent. For superior convenience these kind of watches actually use the body’s energy to automatically recharge. But, on the flip side, once taken off the wrist they stop working. The automatic watches more or less offer the same old function but are highly expensive.

Which must you vote for?

The decision completely rests on your opinion rather than on facts.

Solar Watches: Viable alternative

You must be thinking or wondering as to what is so special about a solar watch that differentiates it from both wind-up watches and battery powered watches. The reason is pretty simple actually. A solar watch does not require an in-built battery to run nor does it need to be in constant touch with skin to keep running. A solar watch is that wonder which can continue to run even when not worn because this watch type runs on reserved energy from any source like that of light. Thus, there is no need for a solar watch to be wound or even have a battery. Even if these watches are not near lights they have the ability to conserve the gathered energy.

Are you planning on gifting a watch to a dear one or a friend? Go for a battery powered one because they are most-preferred timepieces to be gifted.

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