Your Mental And Physical Associations Can Make or Break Your Success

The difference between someone who dreams and someone who achieves is that the person who achieves is doing those things that work in the real world to facilitate and match that which is happening at the level of thought. The people you connect with influence your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs.

One of the biggest factors that keeps a person from being able to access and utilize their thoughts to help them achieve is the types of people they are choosing to have in their environment.

Trial and error is the worst way to learn because there are an unlimited number of errors you can make. It’s a ‘one step forward, two steps back’ proposition that way. The sooner you can achieve that which is purposeful and fulfilling, the greater your level of happiness and fulfillment in life will be. The key is to find someone who has done what you want or has what you want and learn from them.

So many people give up greatness because they are not willing to be teachable. Well, you are not going to get their if you are not willing to ask for help and learn from others. You could easily think you are either not worthy of someone else’s time and attention, or that you are too smart to ask someone else for their guidance. Either ego position is unrealistic and not really effective. You must allow yourself to become a student and learn everything you can from all the teachers, books, audios, and videos you can access to reduce your learning curve.

So, if you want to achieve, find people to hang around with that already exhibit those qualities you want and emulate them.

When you are relying on resources of those peoples’ successes, you will quickly learn what pitfalls to avoid and what specific steps to do to shorten the time it takes to get what you want. Seek the knowledge and then act on it and follow it.

You will become that kind of person and you will manifest it.

Now, it’s not just who you are around that affects how you will manifest your desires. If you want to make $500k per year, for example, you are going to have to develop the consciousness of someone who makes $500k per year. If you want to have a loving mate, you need to be the kind of person you want to attract. This takes consistency and effort.

If it were a piece of cake, everyone would have all the money and love they want.
It takes work!

Whatever you want, you need to do it step by step and be patient with yourself. You only get dejected when you lose knowledge and let your mind get caught up in appearances. Remember, this is a thought/emotion process. You must have faith, determination, and be positive to keep your goals in front of you and your belief system intact.

You also need a support system

Oftentimes people find that as they grow into a new mindset and change their mental, emotional, and physical habits, the people around them who are not on the same path will try to pull them back to where they were. Family and marriage counselors are always running into this with their clients. It’s called the law of social homeostasis. Every relationship seeks balance. So, you will grow together with some people and grow apart from others. Years ago one of my teachers called this an ‘occupational hazard’.

You need to be able to be willing to allow new relationships into your life and to transform the existing ones if you expect your life to transform.

Everything in life is constantly changing, so you cannot expect things to stay the same and to grow into your new life.

Which of the people in your life are willing to be honest with you, support you in your life affirming goals, and not buy into your old stinking thinking? Friends who are willing to listen to your old whiny story of pain and blame are not doing you any favors. Find friends who want to share the goodness, beauty, and truth in life, and have conversations about life enhancing topics. Gossip, us against them, and complaints that are designed to keep people in the same old patterns of communication will hurt you in the long run, so decide to pay attention to and find people who are willing to participate in life affirming conversations and activities.

As you associate with people who are going toward what you want, your life changes.

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