What You Want Out of a Relationships Book

Are you searching for a relationships book to help you and your partner turn your marriage around? Or maybe you are about to tie the knot and want to be proactive in ensuring that you and your spouse will get this thing right? If so, then you have probably already searched the Web for hours, trying to find the perfect guide to perfect love. And through the process here is what you have realized: there are too many to choose from.

Seriously, if you go to Google right now and enter “relationships book” and click the search button, you will get approximately 250 million results. Wow! So picking the right book from all of those search results should prove as easy as finding the proverbial needle in the haystack, right?

Well, not exactly. Not if you really know what you’re looking for. That said, we have put together a sort of checklist to assist you in your quest to find a relationships book that works. Notice, we did not say “the perfect relationships book.” Anyone who professes to have it perfect is a liar! We are all different and respond to different things-remember that and not only will you find a good relationships book, but you will also take the first step to a successful relationship.

  • Look for a book that offers communication exercises. Practice may not make perfect, but it will certainly get you headed in the right direction. The right book should provide you and your spouse with a means to practice positive and proper communication.
  • It needs to focus on win/win outcomes. Let’s face it, when it comes to marriage, if both you and your partner are not happy, then neither of you is happy. Why? Because as the old saying goes, “it takes two to tango.” So when conflict arises, the means by which it is handled should be built on the idea that if you do not both win, then no one wins.
  • It cannot deny conflict. Avoiding conflict is difficult, if not impossible. And no matter how good you are at circumventing conflict, the day will come when you must deal with it in your marriage. And the way you deal with it will likely be very different from how your spouse handles it. That said, the relationships book you purchase should focus heavily on conflict resolution strategies. After all, these are essential to achieve the aforementioned win/win outcomes.
  • Excerpts should be available online. Anyone can tell you a book is good. Anyone can say great things and spin creative, compelling copy to make you want to buy a product. But you can’t truly trust a product until you have tried it out. For this reason, the book you choose needs to have excerpts available online. And the more the merrier. For these, find the author’s website and look around. You shouldn’t have to look far if they are proud of their work.

The right relationships book can help you improve the quality of life within your marriage. Use the above pointers to find the right one now.

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