Wendy Komac The Turnaround Expert Challenges You to Get Out of The Box

Wendy Komac has more than 12 years experience developing and mentoring high-powered teams that consistently exceed goals in highly competitive markets. A turnaround expert driven to succeed in the face of complex turnaround challenges, Wendy has a history of successfully implementing and motivating global sales teams to become multi-million dollar industry leaders. A motivational speaker for more than ten years, Wendy has presented to thousands of sales teams, leadership executives and training workforces on topics, including her keynote speech, “The Elevator to Success is Out of Order … Use Steps.” A “how-to” to finding success in not only the workplace but your life, Wendy offers 9 practical steps such as why to go the extra mile, avoiding sloppiness in your work, and how to invest in yourself and your career, since you are your most valuable asset. Her upcoming book, I Work With Crabby Crappy People will be in bookstores December of 2011.

Are you stuck in a paradigm? For years I was stuck in a mental paradox about what the possibilities are in my life. I was mixed up – spending my time trying to control the things that didn’t matter and paid no attention to the things that did. Fear and anxiety kept me locked in that box with no ability to see the life that was out in front of me. Had I not changed my choices, I would have died in that box.

Inside the walls of the Fubar Customer Service Department….

Tick tock went the clock as Phrantic Phoebe, Fubar’s Customer Service Manager, was missing yet another day of possibilities spending time on all the wrong activities. A total control freak, Phoebe kept all opportunities for redirection locked out by saying “No-No-No” to everything. It was safer that way. Changing anything about her interaction with life, people or her customers had become overwhelming. By keeping herself locked in her own safe world, she mistakenly believed she could limit and control the external.

Wendywoman’s moral compass was spinning out of control, which meant that morale was in the toilet somewhere inside Fubar. Her compass led her to Customer Service …. Uh oh, Phoebe had locked herself in that darn box again. Busting in, Wendywoman kicked the boxes over, revealing there is more to life than No-No-No. In fact, life was about saying Yes-No-Yes.

What is there to do?

I hate to admit it, but I was an expert at pointing out to my colleagues and friends how ill-conceived it was to try and control something or someone they had no control over. I mean really, what a waste of time and energy. Yes, I was a blast to be around, always handing out advice! When someone suggested I look in the mirror and do it for myself, though, it was a completely different story. Ouch! When I did, I realized there’s only so much time available every day. You are either focusing your time and attention on something you do control – something that will have an impact on your life and those around you – or something you don’t control, but are trying to anyway.

Tighten Up! In some way, shape, or form, most of us are limited. There is a lot of wisdom to be gained by introspective examination required to determine if you are working within your own limits. These are the areas where you can make a difference. Be careful here. I am not suggesting you shouldn’t push yourself to explore new competencies. Heck, nobody who knew me as an alcoholic 25 years ago thought I was capable of being an author and executive. Instead, take control by understanding your limits in their current state and create a life strategy around exploiting them. Never shortchange yourself by wasting time on what other people are doing. You’re worth more than that!

Lighten Up! No one is capable of doing everything. Instead, we have unique competencies or strengths we have control over. Sometimes determining where our limits lie can be difficult, so we stray over into areas where we have no control. At work – unless you are working as a 1-man band – we often have to depend on others to get the job done. We become a crabby crappy when they don’t do their part. Big problem: you can’t control them even though you want to. Let go of the frustration and stress caused by people you can’t and don’t control and use that time and energy to perfect your job. When you spend your time focusing on yourself, you may be shocked to find that your limits – your box – can and will change. It might even disappear over time.

This week’s challenge to my blog readers …

Over the next week, pay attention to the number of times you lighten up and let go and the number of times you tighten up and take control. Create a list of tasks and situations that leave you worn out and tired because you attempt to control them but really can’t. Avoid them at all costs and use that time to focus on your own stuff! If you’re all fubar’d over this, let me know why so I can help. E-mail me (wendywoman[at] or catch me on Facebook and join the conversation.

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