Stop Self Sabotage

Self sabotage thoughts come from in security, fear and lack of hopes. Too many things in life can encourage such self sabotaging activities to appear in life. In my opinion you have to avoid such things to enjoy the beauty of life. Once you get stuck to something you lose confidence. You think everything is not going in your way and you become upset. Frustration is the major culprit in such case. You always fear of something and think your life has no significance in society. You get the feeling that nobody loves you. I agree with you such situation may occur in life but it does not mean you will destroy your life. Your have to overcome everything and possibly you can do it yourself with some honest effort. Lets’ take some problems that cause self sabotage feeling and can be overcome with some primary measures-

1. Things are not happening in your way!

This is a very common problem and almost most of us have faced thins problem ever in life. We do not get what we want. Just imagine what would happen if you get all things at once. You just thought of it and it comes in front of you in no time. If things were that easy nobody would dream any more to get something special. Make yourself understand that truth. If you have not got it till date try hard and eventually it will come at some stage and it is regardless to say it will give you more pleasure.

2. You have lost your job and fall in to deep financial trouble!

It is tough time in life but not that tough that you can think of a self sabotage. Things can be recovered with some effort and may be with more effort.

3. You have undergone a relationship break up recently!

Really makes one week from mental side. It takes long time to recover. If possible go for quick dates with someone who has been close to you over the years; possibly who was second alternative in life. Otherwise make new friends and spend time with others.

4. You have lost any close relative in recent past!
Shocking! Make yourself understand it is certain in life and everybody has to die at any stage; even you are not way above that.

5. You fear to death!

Everybody dies at some stage! So you will!! It is like natures’ call and you have to make yourself understand that; even your close ones can not do anything with that.

6. You think your life does not have any significance!

Everybody in this world has some significance of life so as you. Just drive all these unnecessary thoughts from mind. Participate more with social work and spend more time with close friends and relatives.

7. You are yet to achieve goal!

No problem with that. Work hard on that and you will get; may be after sometime. Who tells you can not? You definitely can.

8. You do not have sound health condition

Take daily exercise and consult a doctor and identify possible reasons and try to fix these problems as early as possible.

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