Power of Our Thoughts

If you have been following me and my philosophies for a while then you know that I am convinced that EVERYTHING that we experience in our life starts and ends with our mind. I know that we are products of what we think (about ourselves), how we feel (about ourselves), and what we truly believe is possible (or not).

I believe that everything starts with a thought, an idea if you wish, and a corresponding emotion. The more similar thoughts and emotions we have subsequently, the more the possibility of a creation becomes real and possible or vice versa.

In this blog entry I would like to direct your attention to the work of the Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto. In short, in invented a rather ingenious way where can take pictures of frozen water crystals.

Now you might say, that this is nothing groundbreaking. Well, through taking hundreds, if not thousands of pictures of frozen crystals, he realized that the crystals not only had different shapes and forms but also colors, all depending on where the water came from. A water crystal from a contaminated well looked very different to a water crystal from a serene mountain lake. The more and longer he researched the more he realized that the water crystals literally absorbed the “emotions” of it surroundings. A loving, serene, clean water environment creates lavish and shining and exuberant crystals, such as the ones taken from crystal clean mountain creeks. While contaminated and polluted water produces bleak, simple, and dismal crystals as was the case with the crystal of a water taken from a dam where the corpse of a murdered human was found.

Once he was convinced that water absorbs the energies of its environment he wanted to know if water would also take over thoughts and emotions from people when directed sent to the water in a container. Much to his surprise he realized that the crystals responded to our thoughts and emotions right away. Beautiful and shining crystals turned yellow and bleak when people sent thoughts of hatred while negatively charged crystals turned beautiful when people share emotions of love, peace and joy. I would highly encourage you to check out Masaru Emoto’s website and see for yourself how emotions and thoughts impact our water.

After reading this you might ask yourself what you can do to drink positively charged water? This is very simple to achieve: for years I have been charging my tap water with love, joy and health by simply writing these words on little cards which I then stick on my Brita pitcher. Do it for a for weeks and then share with me your experiences at [email protected] – I would be very happy to hear from you.

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