Personalized Mugs for Every Mood

Our days start on a rather busy note. From the time we get up we have a set of things paving their way into our minds. Things we have to do in this new day that has dawned upon us. That gets us up and running. But before we give in to our TO-DO List there a little sweet time we keep for ourselves. That is the time we spend sipping on our favourite morning beverage or fruit juices.

This sweet time is the most essential for a happy day ahead. Without us knowing this day has healing properties that release happy enzymes in our brain. This essential me-time can be made more special with Personalized gifts . Everyone has a favourite inspirational quote, a picture of self or with a loved one that puts you in a positive mood instantly. We need this Lil mood uplift in the morning to have a kickass day and Personalized Mugs make sure of that.

Personalized Mugs are also a great way to make sure no one takes your mug. They also make for a perfectly amazing gift. Be it a birthday gift, anniversary gift, holiday gift, graduation gift, promotion gift or any occasion gift Personalized Gifts can fit anywhere. You can make it special by adding pictures of your loved one, a quote, a message or their initials. Personalizing the mugs connect the gift with the heart of the receiver. The best part is Personalized Mugs come in an array of options and they’re really affordable.

Here are some fun Personalized Mug ideas based on the occasion.

Birthday Mugs

Birthdays coming up? Then, you would definitely want to buy birthday gifts that can simply make their day. The Perfect Birthday Mug: You can personalize this mug with their names on it. The happy sky design on the mug will make it their most favourite mug. Gift it to younger ones.

The Sun Sign Birthday Mug: Impress your loved ones with a thoughtful Sun Sign Birthday Mug. The message on the mug defines their personality as per the sun sign. Gift it to loved ones.

The Birthday Personalized White Mug: The ultimate birthday mug that can be personalized with a picture which is an excellent way of showing your love. This makes a perfect gift for any loved one.

Anniversary Situation

Mark the remembrance of a special day with a special mug. Make the day even more special with a Personalized Anniversary Mug. Gift to your partner or buy it for friends anniversary.

Express Your Love Situation

Show your partner how much you love them with the Love & Hearts Personalized Heart Handle Mug. Personalize it with a picture of you two on the back. This mug is meant to steal hearts.

Friendship Mug

The deeper the friendship the deeper the humour. Here is a funny Sati Savitri mug that will make them laugh on every glance as they remember your silly jokes.

Pick your mug as your gifting mood or situation and we guarantee your loved ones will love it. Shop with IGP so you never fall short of options again.

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